In Full Swing in Spring (it seems)

~ Lifebook #17 ~ Spring always brings turbulent weather and this year's season of renewal has been no exception. A monsoon season in both April and May? C'mon, now, that's going a bit overboard. May is usually my favorite month of the year because of a few reasons, such as it being a period of … Continue reading In Full Swing in Spring (it seems)


Ruckin’ With You | 10.16.16 | I Am Returned

Family vacation is over. A good time was had. But it’s over and today I deal with the looming return to work on a gloomy overcast day with some rain after a week of blue skies and sunshine. Woe is me, right? At any rate, overall we enjoyed our time in the mid-North states of … Continue reading Ruckin’ With You | 10.16.16 | I Am Returned

Lifebook 1 | Belated New Year’s Brief

Hello! And, um, Happy New Year!?!? Yeah, I know, I’m really late. I guess it’s been a long minute since I’ve posted a proper update. A New Year has come and gotten well underway since the last time I discussed my life activities, or confessed in stark detail my ongoing creative struggles – or what … Continue reading Lifebook 1 | Belated New Year’s Brief

Daybook 3 | Autumn Descends

So I spent the latter part of the summer away from actively writing anything creative, instead spending a great deal of time inside my own head, and of course being a bookworm, getting caught up on lapsed reading and acquiring even more to read for both entertainment and research. During these past six weeks or … Continue reading Daybook 3 | Autumn Descends

Workbook 5 | Quick Musical Update

There is much to update from the past two months or so, but I'll just touch on the musical aspect because that requires less words to summon before I head out for the day. So my rock band of 10 months, Neglect the Alarm, has been putting the finishing, polishing touches on the five songs that … Continue reading Workbook 5 | Quick Musical Update

Daybook 2 | Update Untitled

I Got Nothing Firstly, I have no Workbook update to share this past week (or the past week before that) because, honestly, there wasn’t any of that kind of work done the past couple of weeks. Re-calibrating Like Garrus * Making some reconfigurations and changes here and abroad, and so things will be a little different here after … Continue reading Daybook 2 | Update Untitled

Workbook 4 | July 26-August 1, 2015

Current Project: Me (my confidence, my outlook, my purpose) The week that was . . . Started the week off in a bit of a funk. Lacking confidence in my ambitions and lacking conviction in the possibility of actual achievement in my goals. Began to wonder if I should simply forgo writing fiction, which over … Continue reading Workbook 4 | July 26-August 1, 2015