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Novel. Now!

28368403-vector-silhouette-of-a-man-sitting-at-a-computer-on-a-white-backgroundAt long last I’m finally returning to committed work on what I have codenamed Project: Blood-Borne.  That’s the umbrella codename for a long-gestating trilogy of novels I initially conceived just days before Halloween in 2009.  Yeah, I know, that was a long ass time ago (jaysis, nearly 6 years), but I…I can explain.  Actually, the one true, legitimate excuse is simply I was not quite the writer and visionary I needed to be yet to fully take on this huge world I’ve created.  When I finally decided to do my own little take on vampires, I knew I couldn’t do so without deliberately taking a stark departure from all (or at least most) of what had come before.  That required a bit of research of both vampire fiction and nonfiction.  So my particular conception, complex as it is, needed to marinate while I continued to ponder the cast of characters, their roles and motivations, and all the nooks and crannies I needed to successfully navigate the saga when ready. I thought that time was going to be last summer, but upon more pondering I made major changes to the narrative approach that required additional time to simmer.  I’m ready now.  Finally.

Although Operation: Remember Me is only half wrapped up, I’m sticking with my plan to resume chapter work at the top of this post-Independence Day week.  It begins tonight.  In a separate post later, probably tomorrow, I will reveal some details about the trilogy.

Please wish me the best of luck on navigating the turbulent waters of novel writing while working a day job, raising a family and playing in a band.


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…I sho’ hate to tell you this… IT GETS HARDER! Don’t be mad at me! I just met you :-/ But what helped me was I told two people when it would be available and I didn’t wanna look like a poo butt who couldn’t hold commitments. Put fire under me 🙂

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Actually, if I could chill on a deserted island with no income requirements and no family and social commitments and just focus on writing a darn book, I’d have been done a long time ago, maybe a dozen times over. I’m so easily distracted and way too responsible 😉

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