Operation: Remember Me?

28368403-vector-silhouette-of-a-man-sitting-at-a-computer-on-a-white-backgroundSo having an extra day off from the day job is a wonderful thing indeed. There are many writing things to tend to, as well as this little site.  First bit of news: Operation: Remember Me? is back on track. It’s the initiative that gets some of my short story work that was published in print a few years ago – and subsequently now out-of-print – back into published form, only this time via an online and digital archival venue. That venue of choice is Smashwords, where I’ve been setup since January 2011, but have not really utilized it in recent years.  Once I’m finished doing minor revisions and putting a bit of spit-polishing to the pieces, the lineup will look like this:

  • Shard: A Bloody Microfiction – available now
  • Pieces of Candice – available now
  • Finder Kept – available now
  • The Underneath – available now
  • Call of Duty: A Cop’s Tale – in the pipeline
  • All Things Considered – in the pipeline
  • On Shadowy Ground – in the pipeline
  • All In a Day’s Work – in the pipeline

And maybe a previously unpublished piece:

  • The Other Roommate – in final draft

All of these will be available for online reading or free digital download via the Smashwords website.  Links will be posted when they’re live.

This operation was supposed to be completed before moving on to Novel Time, but that’s fine. Novel work will still commence after our nation’s great holiday. Details about that on Sunday.



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