The Road to Alexander – 3rd Excerpt | Jennifer Macaire

~ The Road to Alexander ~ Excerpt Three: Travel by Jennifer Macaire Alexander loved when I sang. He adored rock and roll songs, soft ballads, and opera arias. The music they played in Alexander's time was heavy on percussion, strings, woodwinds and brass. Choruses were popular, and the music would give me shivers. It could [...]

The Road to Alexander – 2nd Excerpt | Jennifer Macaire

~ The Road to Alexander ~ Excerpt Two: Love by Jennifer Macaire "Ashley." Alexander took my hand and held it gingerly. "Everyone learns about nymphs and dryads from their parents in our world. Everyone knows about the naiads, sprites, sylphs, oreads, undines, fauns, and fates. Do you know who Lachesis is?" I shook my head. "Clotho? [...]

The Road to Alexander – 1st Excerpt | Jennifer Macaire

~ The Road to Alexander ~ Excerpt One: War by Jennifer Macaire I stood in front of the tent and watched the men file by. They were grim, holding their long spears and shields, wearing bronze helmets with white plumes. They had sandals and shin-guards made of stiff leather. Otherwise they were nude. This was [...]

This Year You Write Your Novel

Here’s a bit of writer's advice by multiple award-winning author Walter Mosley from his 2007 book on writing, This Year You Write Your Novel, published by Little, Brown and Company.  An excerpt from the first chapter follows. The General Disciplines That Every Writer Needs Writing every day The first thing you have to know about writing [...]