Workbook 1 | July 5-11, 2015

13611-snifty-spiral-notebook-clip-artCurrent Project: Blood-Borne (codename)

The week that was . . .

  • Re-engaged the “new” Book One on Sunday night, July 5th as planned.
  • Quickly realized I was coming back to the characters, their story and their world – on the page – almost cold turkey after having been away for so long, aside from brainstorming and rearranging things in my head the last couple of years.
  • Added previously written parts of Goran’s origin to the “Preamble”, the new world-building intro portion to open the book.
  • Did a quick research refresher on the historical timeline and the customs of the South Slavic region of Europe.
  • Re-purposed “pre-narrative” and supplemental material for the new narrative “Prelude” section, as well as actual chapter material.
  • Began to construct a new loose outline.

The week to come . . .

  • Continue loose plotting of new skeletal outline so I have a serviceable map.
  • Continue work on world-building intro “Prelude” and narrative “Prelude” intro sections.
  • Consider incorporating some of the “bible” material into a reader-friendly “glossary of terms”.
  • Take long scenic drive for mind-clearing and brainstorming.

Current Project: Operation Remember Me?

The week that was . . .

The week to come . . .

  • Possibly work on revising either “Call of Duty: A Cop’s Tale” or “All Things Considered.”
  • Brainstorm, design and create digital covers for remaining lineup of stories.

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