Workbook 10 | July: Time for Crime

This is a #workbook update on #ruckology by Brandon L. Rucker in which he reports on the productivity and counter-productivity of his author/musician life. Not a whole lot to report in this working update because I’ve been busy living (more on that in tomorrow’s The Evening Muse). Let’s get right to it. Comics Project: CrimeTime … Continue reading Workbook 10 | July: Time for Crime


Workbook 9 | June: Criminal Intent

The end of June flowed nicely into a holiday weekend, so with that now out of the way, I can take a quick moment to reflect on the previous month’s productivity. Spoiler alert: not a whole lot accomplished. The main takeaway from June is right now I am, again, all about crime (and suspense) fiction. … Continue reading Workbook 9 | June: Criminal Intent

Workbook 8 | May: Gentleman, Restart Your Engine

Ahhh . . . May! Probably my favorite month of the year for a few reasons: one, the residue of Winter isfully shaken off and Spring finally in full swing; two, usually great weather (tho we didn’t get it until later in the month this time), and the NBA Playoffs enter the more competitive second … Continue reading Workbook 8 | May: Gentleman, Restart Your Engine

Workbook 7 | April: Ramping Down

Spring is in full swing and the weather has been as moody as you might expect a Midwestern Spring to be, which unfortunately does a doozy on my overall disposition, rendering me aimless. I am one of those people who simply do not do well when the weather is especially crappy – endless days of … Continue reading Workbook 7 | April: Ramping Down

Workbook 6 | March: Ramping Up

Hello, Spring. You’ve been missed. And I’ve been busy. Sorta. Been a while since I’ve done one of these so let’s get right to it. Current Project: Comeback The past month or so has been devoted to making a comeback in a couple of different ways. A kind of rebirth. Emerging from the dark cold … Continue reading Workbook 6 | March: Ramping Up

Workbook 5 | Quick Musical Update

There is much to update from the past two months or so, but I'll just touch on the musical aspect because that requires less words to summon before I head out for the day. So my rock band of 10 months, Neglect the Alarm, has been putting the finishing, polishing touches on the five songs that … Continue reading Workbook 5 | Quick Musical Update

Workbook 4 | July 26-August 1, 2015

Current Project: Me (my confidence, my outlook, my purpose) The week that was . . . Started the week off in a bit of a funk. Lacking confidence in my ambitions and lacking conviction in the possibility of actual achievement in my goals. Began to wonder if I should simply forgo writing fiction, which over … Continue reading Workbook 4 | July 26-August 1, 2015