Journal Juice 12 | A Little Less Alone

It’s amazing the futility creating in obscurity can be. You’re a virtual unknown with an unproven track record as a creative entity. Sure, you’ve had a dozen or so of your stories published, half that number in poetry published, and at least 50 journalistic articles published, yet still your readership seems ethereal. It may be … Continue reading Journal Juice 12 | A Little Less Alone


Journal Juice 11 | Little Sister

It was only a year ago, perhaps, that we finally reconnected after so many long years of estrangement, forced and unforced. I was so glad to finally repair the disconnect that wayward siblings tend to create between them over the years. Of all of us kids you were always the wildchild, always anxious and on-the-go, yet clearly … Continue reading Journal Juice 11 | Little Sister

Journal Juice 10 | Burden of Talent

There’s something to be said about the burden of talent. When one believes he has it, right or wrong, he is bound and driven to do something with it. And just like the talent itself, the constant nagging to use it is innate. I can't watch TV for more than three hours because I get … Continue reading Journal Juice 10 | Burden of Talent

Journal Juice 9 | In Contempt

To make any progress on these various works-in-progress and works-in-revision, I absolutely MUST fall in love again with my own words, instead of holding them and myself in contempt. Once I finish wrapping up some things for others here in April, the month of May will be all about getting back in bed with my own … Continue reading Journal Juice 9 | In Contempt

Journal Juice 8 | Inert

There are times when there is so much I need to do – and so much that I truly want to do and accomplish and succeed at – that at the end of the day I find myself having done none of it at all.  No progress made.  Nothing ventured.  Nothing offered.  Nothing gained.  It … Continue reading Journal Juice 8 | Inert

Journal Juice 7 | Avoidance

Not-so-random late night thought: if you have to go out of your way to express hate about something or someone that does you no actual harm, then that says so much more about you than it does about the target of your hate. Why spend the unnecessary energy and emotion towards hating when you can … Continue reading Journal Juice 7 | Avoidance

Journal Juice 6 | The Great Retreat

There are days when I am very thankful for the advent of social media and networking. As an info junkie it keeps me informed, and as a sometimes social butterfly I flit from flower to flower a few times a day to achieve a semblance of a social life, which is an activity that happens … Continue reading Journal Juice 6 | The Great Retreat