~ The Morning Muse #12 ~ Note: This was supposed to be posted a few months ago (mid-October to be exact), but for some unknown reason I let it sit longer than intended. And come to think of it, yesterday's Resolution: Regain and Retain Attention is a great companion piece to this one, actually. As … Continue reading Retreat


Words and Concepts for the Year

~ The Morning Muse #11 ~ HEALTHIER Some things have to change for a better state of living for me, personally, as well as for my family. That can best be achieved starting with nutrition and diet. I need a low-carb diet (and really, lowered calories as well). It's very hard to stay on this course when … Continue reading Words and Concepts for the Year

The Morning Muse 10 | All the Things

If you’re into astrology, casually or seriously (I'm somewhere in the middle, heh), then you may have observed that those born under the Libra sun sign are often described as indecisive, likely due to a constant imbalance/balancing of their scales, so to speak. It’s true, we do tend to take our time to think things … Continue reading The Morning Muse 10 | All the Things

The Morning Muse 9 | Lost the Plot

I think I lost the plot a while back. Problem is it seems no one bothered to inform me that the movie was over, that the end credits had already rolled and the screen gone forever black. - Written the morning of April 6, 2016

The Morning Muse 8 | Madness

I’m convinced that the madness of the artist is a real and true thing, indeed.  It’s probably nothing short of an affliction, a psychosis kind of disease that’s devoid of a cure.  The symptoms of said disease are not overtly noticeable.  They are internal, within the mind.  An artist suffering from it can smile perfectly … Continue reading The Morning Muse 8 | Madness

The Morning Muse 7 | Love/Hate/Love

For the sake of consistency, if nothing else, I need to fall in and stay in love with my own words and simply endure the fact that, with little-to-no outside validation, I’ll largely be the only one loving those words most of time. Otherwise this on again/off again, touch n’ go, stop n’ go, either/or … Continue reading The Morning Muse 7 | Love/Hate/Love

The Morning Muse 6 | Don’t Stop Believin’

So, as reported in Workbook 3 the other day, I’ve not been a busy boy, at least not creatively.  Other than the reworking of a couple of guitar riffs for my band, there hasn't really been any progress made on any of the current projects.  Listen, even before I went on vacation for a 4-day weekend, I … Continue reading The Morning Muse 6 | Don’t Stop Believin’