Yearbook 2016 #2 | The Entertainers & Public Figures

As 2016 continues to claim the lives of entertainers and other public figures, I'm going to take a moment to give shout-outs to the notable entertainers and public figures of the year of 2016. Obviously this list is highly subjective of my personal perspective. I'll start first with the socio-political, then move on to sports … Continue reading Yearbook 2016 #2 | The Entertainers & Public Figures


Yearbook 2016 #1 | The Entertainment

First and foremost, 2016 was pretty much the year of the Reaper, since it claimed so many lives of notable public figures (especially musicians) and the lives of the innocent (such as those in Aleppo) that a hearty and proper FUCK YOU, 2016 is very much in order. Now, with that out of the way . . . … Continue reading Yearbook 2016 #1 | The Entertainment