Thinkbook 2 | Read? Write? Rock?

#ruckology #thinkbook #read #write #rock Last week the first Thinkbook tackled art, this week’s keeps it in the neighborhood of the arts.

This past week I battled my usual conflict of wanting to do multiple things all at the same time: read, write and rock out. Anyone reading this obviously knows I’m a writer. And by natural extension of that I am an avid reader. Perhaps not-so obvious, unless you’ve thoroughly perused this particular blog, I am also a musician. That’s something I started aspiring toward, in 1988, well before getting bitten by the writing bug in 1993. I’ve written/co-written hundreds of songs alone or with bandmates, I’ve played several dozen shows onstage as a guitarist, a bassists and a vocalist. I’ve recorded and released music to the public over the years (plenty still unreleased as well). I’ve written an untold amount of stories, articles and poems and published scores of them both in physical and virtual publications. Of course what led to wanting to write was my being an avid reader of fiction, mostly in the suspense, crime, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and superhero genres, which unsurprisingly are my favorite genres to write in. And that’s just the fiction, say nothing of non-fiction and journalism.

My dilemma, which obviously is not exclusive to me, is that reading leads to an intense desire to write. Listening to music stirs up the intense urge to grab any of my instruments and make music. Often all at the same time. On my personal Facebook page my “intro” reads as: I rock. I read. I write. Sometimes all at the same time.” A bit facetious, but were that humanly possible I’d be doing it constantly, burning myself out like a star gone supernova.

This past week the reading won out the most (I JUST WANT TO READ ALL THE THINGS!!!) But I have much writing to do (duh!), I mean that particular work is never done, really. But I also need to dust off the guitars because there’s been rumblings that my band, NEGLECT THE ALARM, may actually resume activity this coming week. A lot of starts-and-stops for this band over the past year and a half. Progress, at least in my mind according to the vision I had when I first put pieces together, has been severely compromised. Our 5-song demo EP should have already been released to the masses by now. We should’ve had 3 or 4 more shows behind us by now as well. But, alas. That’s a gripe for another day.

So this week I should have some busy fingers on both the keyboard and the fretboard.

♦ ♦

Three Random Thoughts of the Week

++ If we don’t embrace diversity in our societies then we are doomed to perpetual disharmony.

++ The scourge of anti-intellectualism in our general populace is real and scary.

++ I think I’m going to create yet “book” around here.  Inspired by last week’s Thinkbook, I’m going to start an Artbook here soon.

♦ ♦

Visuals of the Week

I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding these on the ‘Net, if, like, perchance you live under a rock and have managed to miss them.

++ THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 Trailer from SDCC

++ LUKE CAGE Teaser from SDCC

++ WONDER WOMAN Trailer from SDCC


++ Van Jones Vs Carl the Cuck Slayer Ultimate Street Debate [see video]

♦ ♦

Reads of the Week

++ Issue #15 of VELVET, a comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, from Image Comics

++ Issue #23 of LAZARUS, a comic by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, from Image Comics

++ Issue #2 of WONDER WOMAN by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott, from DC Comics

++ Issue #1 of THE SHEILD by Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig and Drew Johnson, from Dark Circle Comcs

♦ ♦

Sounds of the Week

++ No audiobooks again this past week, but I hope to get back to listening to one or two this week.

++ Albums: …And Justice for All by METALLICA; The Way I Feel by REMY SHAND

++ Songs: “The Beauty of Gray” by LIVE; “No Ordinary Love” by SADE; “Always” by SALIVA


♦ ♦

That’s a wrap for this week. If you’re anywhere in the continental United States, try your best to beat the heat. And remember to be good to each other out there. We’re all in this together, whether we like it or not.




  1. IchBinMeisterin says:

    I’ll definitely be checking out your work in the future, but I completely understand your desire to be here, there, and everywhere. Outside of writing, I’m a linguist, an avid reader and trying to get better at drawing. Oh- and I’m obsessively re-watching Columbo so I can write my own crime series. I need some self-control, so it was refreshing to read this article. I LOVE your thoughts of the day, too:

    “++ If we don’t embrace diversity in our societies then we are doomed to perpetual disharmony.”
    Amen to that. (And I’m not religious!) The level of disharmony in our society today is just frightening, and yet with a little education, people could change their ways. We’ve got white versus black, left-wing versus right-wing, country versus country, religion versus religion. It makes me want to tear my hair out. I LOVE my identity as a British girl of Nigerian ethnic origin, but the atmosphere over here is getting nasty since the Brexit vote.

    “++ The scourge of anti-intellectualism in our general populace is real and scary.”
    Tell me about it! I’ve stopped following American politics because of this.

    Liked by 1 person

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