Workbook 7 | April: Ramping Down

Spring is in full swing and the weather has been as moody as you might expect a Midwestern Spring to be, which unfortunately does a doozy on my overall disposition, rendering me aimless. I am one of those people who simply do not do well when the weather is especially crappy – endless days of clouds, rain or overcast just tend to replicate themselves within me. I wish I was not so susceptible to these negative effects, but alas. Hell, as I write this on this lazy Saturday it’s currently gloomy outside with a gray monochrome overcast and relentless rain.

That said, this unfortunate condition does not excuse my lack of productivity. It may certainly help explain it, but I fully acknowledge it’s not an excuse. So instead of doing a rundown of things I accomplished since the March update, I can amass more words here with a rundown of what I didn’t accomplish in the month of April.

Current Project: The All-New Ruckerpedia

The new companion site intended to showcase the story author aspect of Yours Truly was supposed to be launched by now, if not in April then surely by tomorrow, May 1st. But that’s not going to happen because . . .

I did not finalize it and populate it with content. Sure, there are a handful works posted there, but it’s nowhere near at the robust level of content I want it to have before unleashing it upon an unsuspecting world (a world that may not even acknowledge its existence, but that’s a struggle for a different day).

Current Projects: (Everything Else)

So what else is languishing in a state of un-finish? Here’s a laundry list:

  • Project: Comeback – Apparently I’m not coming back to anything given the way I’ve sat idly doing very little. Rebirth? Laughable. I’m the same slacker I’ve been the last nearly five years (I’ve finished and published one story since the November 2011 publication of my Local Heroes anthology).
  • Project: Novel Series (Codenamed: Blood-Borne) – No progress made, despite the high I achieved after getting positive reader feedback from two different sources the past month or so.

Hey, what about . . .

Upcoming Projects?

Well, they’re still upcoming because they’ve yet to come to fruition. This includes the Music Website that will house all the music I’ve self-produced over the last eight years as well as linkage to music I’ve created with others.

Also includes Collaborative Projects – one with a fellow writer as well as a different one with an old friend who is also an artist looking to draw a particular story of mine in the form of comic book project – hopefully as a series, but barring that, then a graphic novel. Preliminary work for that is currently in play. But I’ve yet to make a scintilla of progress on the prose collaboration with my other potential collaborative partner. And serialized fiction, while very much on my mind these days, is not even on the map yet.

But what about . . .

Current Musical Projects

Hey, finally something of progress worth noting. My band Neglect the Alarm has finally emerged from a Winter hiatus with two productive practices so far. We’ve taken a song I wrote back in January and rearranged it some to make it even better. That’s the great, democratic way we operate – one guy may write a song on his own and its initial form will change for the better once it goes through the filter of the whole band and everyone gets to contribute to it, whether it’s just structural ideas or actual music. Due to our drummer’s very busy and growing schedule in the world of independent filmmaking, there are a couple more hiatuses on our schedule with no imminent concerts on the horizon. But during the downtime we hope to finally finish additional and post-production on our first batch of recorded songs. As for anything else I may do musically outside of  Neglect the Alarm it’s all TBD/TBA at best.

Next Month

Probably best I don’t embarrass myself with a list of highly potential letdowns. Let’s see if we’re all pleasantly surprised in the month of May.

Look for a Lifebook post tomorrow where I continue to psychoanalyze the current state I’m in.



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