Project: Blood-Borne

28368403-vector-silhouette-of-a-man-sitting-at-a-computer-on-a-white-backgroundThat’s not the actual title, but rather a codename, though in 2009 it was briefly one of the working titles, along with BloodwerksI abandoned both of those long ago and have since arrived at an even more apt and cool and unique title for it, one I’ve never seen used before for anything, and thus have been sitting on it for years and have told it to no one, ’cause I’m cagey like thatIn fact, the titles for the other two are pretty darn neat and perfect as well.  So what’s the trilogy about?  Well, without getting all spoilery, let’s just suffice it to say that rather than a supernatural take, it’s a science-fiction approach to the advent of vampires through a modern lens.  There’s also a different approach to the subgenre I’m taking that I’ve not seen anyone else take yet (and I’ve been researching for years), but to reveal that would be real spoilery.  I offer this intel: my saga deals with living, biological, human vampires, some of which are natural-born.  It’s all made possible by a blood-borne infectious virus that causes their vampiric conditions and grants them trans-human abilities.  At the heart of the story are these concepts: love, family and legacy. My main character, at least in Book One, is an Austrian female vampire named Mathilde.  The first book deals with her reawakening and quest to recover, reclaim and ultimately save the family she’s lost during her long involuntary slumber.  Never take lightly the vengeance of a woman robbed of her one true love (Sebastian) and her two children (whose identities and whereabouts are concealed from her), especially when that woman has the augmented trans-human abilities of a vampire.  That’s about as much as I can share of the simple core that is surrounded by a complex web of historical events, intrigue, secrecy, deception, manhunts, genocidal massacres, blood drinking and love (hopefully) conquering all.  I can’t wait to get back to it tonight.  I think I’ll run a daybook here as well to chronicle my productivity and progress — help keep myself publicly accountable, if nothing else.

Y’all be good to one another.



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