Workbook 3 | July 19-25, 2015 – Late Vacation Edition

13611-snifty-spiral-notebook-clip-artAll current creative projects

The week that was . . .

  • Created redundant file backups in the cloud for a more flexible and seamless workflow (or so that’s the idea).
  • Reworked a couple of guitar riffs for a n/t/a song written back in March. Tried to fit new lyrics to it but the cadence isn’t quite right.
  • Made zero progress on novel work.
  • Had a serious bout of doubt about the prospects of novel writing given current conditions and lifestyle (but received counselling to the contrary from a writer friend to be named later in a separate post).
  • Contemplated ditching long fiction in favor of writing long nonfiction.
  • Went on a family vacation for an extended weekend on which naturally I did not write nor read.

The week to come . . .

  • Who the hell knows? Kids are still out of school for another week.  Much prep work to do.
  • Have neglect/the/alarm band practice scheduled for this Wednesday and maybe next Sunday as well, during which I will completely lose myself to my unbridled love of music.


  1. It sounds like you had a nice vacation – are you back at work now? And your kids only have one more week off school? It seems kids don’t have those long, lazy summer vacations anymore that we had when we were young!

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    1. Yeah, vacay was nice (I’ll have a separate post about that in a bit). As nice as it can be with moody kids 😉 With the “balanced school year” they basically have about two months off in summer, but then two weeks off each for both fall and spring breaks. That’s too much time off during the year, IMO. One week is good enough to disrupt the learning flow and recharge.


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