Ruckin’ With You | 9.16.16 | I Am Healed

Last Friday I launched my weekend with an injury while horsing around with one of my kids. My social media announcements about it went like this:

“Soooo guess which genius injured his shoulder while lifting his full grown teenager into the air the other night? Got worse last night. Could be serious (never had surgery, not anticipating starting either). My research lists 4 possible injuries of varying degrees. Info was nice to point out that folks over 40 are more susceptible. Lovely. Father Time is a bastard. At any rate, I’ll likely need an MRI. Smh.

“INJURY UPDATE: Well, I’m proud to say I managed to wipe my own ass. It wasn’t easy, but, hey, if you can maintain dignity while injured, that’s half the battle. #pride #winning #wellkinda

“ON THE MEND: So apparently my mutant healing factor has somehow managed to make that shoulder injury over the weekend only be a sprain, and not the torn ligament I had feared (man, that pain tho). 4 days later it’s now at about 90-95% with pretty much full range of motion. Just a twinge here and there to remind me of my age and to take it easy old man. I’ll be back to lifting kids and guitars over my head in no time.”

100% now. The human body can be a rather miraculous machine when it wants to be. Thankfully.

Sympathy is passive pity. Empathy is: you experience another’s pain, loss, sacrifice, injustice, etc. as if it is your own.  – Me on Facebook, September 14, 2016

In #6words or fewer, write a story about getting lost in the woods.

— Kelsye Nelson (@Kelsye) August 10, 2016

Inspired, I quickly generated the following six-worders.

I’m bleeding. Phone’s dead. Losing daylight.

That’s no bush. That’s a bear.

Saw Big Foot. He gave chase.

WordPress Links of the Week:

Kristen Twardowski – Writes about Words, Numbers, and Fun Facts about Famous Literature.

Matt Bowes – Writes “Dialogue Tags,” said the man, “are a pain.”

Outright Geekery – Gives an Early Look at PEEPLAND #1 from Titan Comics

Something else I said in social media this past week (sorry to get a little political on ya):

“Independent AND corporate media, you may as well stop reporting on all the various “Trump in hot water because of . . .” situations because we all know none of that shit’s gonna stick. Especially not during this election season. And probably never. It’s like crying wolf. But I get it. You “need” the clicks and ratings.” – Me on Facebook, September 12, 2016.

Song of the week:

“Civil War” by Guns n’ Roses (1991)

Lyrics via Google Play

Y’all be good to one another.

Have a great weekend.




  1. Matt Bowes says:

    Hey Rucker! Thanks for the link.

    That shoulder thing, though, be careful. I remember stumbling over a woodpile while camping at my cousin’s house in the sticks somewhere, and I fell over and heard a pop in my shoulder. That sucker hurt for about a year, and it still bugs me if I push the shoulder in a serious manner after a couple of years. I never did get the docs to check it out, but I’m pretty sure I sprained something.

    Being able to wipe yourself, though, that’s a big victory! Days without a clean… er. Nevermind.


    1. I hear ya Matt. But given that there was no “pop” at all AND it’s completely recovered back to its normal self, I think I got lucky with merely a sprain. The onset of pain wasn’t even immediate. Started slowly, then escalated, peaked, then dissipated all in about 4 days really. Which, with pain, 4 days can be a lifetime. Anything more serious would surely come with extended pain, external swelling and the like. Counting me lucky charms, man!


  2. Matt Bowes says:

    Also, for the 6 words or fewer about being lost in the woods:

    Is that house made of candy?


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