Quote: Stephen King’s Writing and Sports Analogy

Writing novels is a little like playing baseball where the game goes on for as long as it needs to, even if that means 20 innings. Writing short stories is more like playing basketball or football, you’re competing against the clock, as well as the other team.

When it comes to writing fiction, long or short, the learning curve never ends.

— Taken from the introduction to The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (2015).


In searching Google for an image of the master storyteller, I came to realize that there are countless quotes of the man out there. And they’re all so damned astute and poignant, which is the norm with him. I’ve quoted him here and abroad before. With so many great quotes in abundance I might have to start making this a Friday ritual around here. Friday Uncle Stevie Quote Day or something.

I’m only half-joking.



  1. And sometimes you wrote a short story and it turns into a novel… I started my current WIP as a distraction from my other WIP, but it just kept growing into a full-length novel! I don’t think I would have written it if I’d known how much work it would end up being haha I love writing like this though, so much more fun!

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    1. I have an old short story published years back that I recently started re-polishing and it’s now begging for expansion. It’s already my longest short story but reading it recently unlocked a larger story in my head.

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