Interview: Chris Claremont, the Legendary (Part 1 of 2)

A great interview with the once great and now legendary scribe of Marvel Comics’ The Uncanny X-Men fame, Chris Claremont is up over at NYC Graphic.

Quoted excerpt: “When you commit to your project and your characters, they’re the center of your creative focus and universe,” Chris notes. “Your vision is the right one and you don’t want anyone mucking about with it.”

It’s a very in-depth interview covering his first job as an intern at Marvel on down to his early days a the revolutionary chronicler of the adventures of the X-Men. And it’s only part one. Check it out.

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Brandon L. Rucker

Brandon L. Rucker is a musician and writer of fiction, nonfiction and journalism. Armed with grammar and diction, plus an uncanny sense of rhythm and melody, he is at-large and potentially dangerous. Be wary.

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