Promo: The Kindle Now Has Paperboy by Bob Thurber

Quick announcement: Bob Thurber’s Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel is now available for digital download at Amazon’s Kindle store.

Start reading Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel on your Kindle in under a minute.

Some reviews of the novel:
“To read Paperboy is to participate in a relationship that is inextricable from the reader’s own reality. We come to realize that we can only be the latest editions of ourselves, built upon what the world has delivered up to that day. The writer, Bob Thurber (a different kind of paperboy, perhaps) has managed to establish that relationship by exacting emotions from his audience with piercing observations that puncture the thin skin of human subjectivity and reach beyond into realms of objective truth.” — Jon Gluckman

“Not since Holden Caulfield have I felt such a kinship with a boy in a book.”
—Vincent Louis, review at Goodreads

“A brave book, a necessary book.”
— Andrew L. Wilson
“… prose, so tight, so precise, so truthful, that the reader can barely breath for want of oxygen, of light, of release.” — JMG

“Paperboy is not a book, it’s a state of mind.”
— Vincent Carrella, author of The Serpent Box

Here’s a handy list of links for all things Thurber and Paperboy.

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And of course there’s my two-part interview with the scribe @ Liquid Imagination online:

Part One:

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