Update: What Is and What Will Be

This past week I have decided to self-publish a collection of short stories called [CLASSIFIED]. It will be 15 stories, a mix of shorts, flashes and micros.  I have amassed a pretty large vault of stories since the mid-90s, many of which I’ve just been  hoarding like some possessive little hermit for one reason or another. Most of them are from a time when I was a writer who was much more prolific and not as distracted with family and other commitments. One story is newer, and another is so brand new it’s not even written yet, but it is one I have been mulling for a few weeks now that will be a tribute to Nippon-koku/Nihon-koku/Japan. My intention is to release this collection sometime in July, so I will be polishing those babies up and getting them nice and pretty for their big day. What’s not decided yet is if I will take a stab at Amazon’s new self-publish direct to Kindle platform, or just go with Smashwords. And speaking of Smashwords

Smashwords Progress report: (reads/downloads/samples)
Shard: A Bloody Microfiction = 124 since 3/11/11
Mass Graves: A Story for Haiti = 79 since 3/11/11
All Things Considered = 14 since 3/12/11
Pieces of Candice = 12 since 3/12/11

It should be noted that the bottom two were once erroneously listed as for sale at $1.99 and $.99, repectively (my error). “Candice” was rectified last week, and I just fixed “All Things” today. I’ve set both up for Premium Distribution to all the major digital retailers. Should only be a matter of time ‘fore they arrive at those venues. In the meantime they are available for FREE read and download over at Smashwords.

It’s cool to see that a bunch of people have read your writing. Without readers, writing is a little less relevent. Art is to be shared with humanity, not hoarded away from it.

In other news…

Not sure when I will get to the Round 2 matchups for the Gen. Rock & Alt-Rock Region in the Battle of the Bands Tournament. I have a lunch meeting this afternoon in Downtown Indy with Silver Pen founder/president & colleague, Karl Rademacher (whom I’ve talked to, but not yet met), who is in town on business. I haven’t lived in Indianapolis in some five years now (although I started working down there again last summer), and I typically loathe driving in downtown traffic (I hate one-way streets). So Rademacher’s lure, aside from the requisite good company and conversation?

  • “I’ll pay for your parking”
  • “And the chow”
  • “It’s the least I can do, especially asking you to drive in this crap weather.”

Well, I’m no fool. I’ll be Downtown this afternoon. I have no idea where we’re going to eat and chill. Maybe I’ll take pics. Maybe we’ll get some good ideas going for our fledgling Writer’s Association.

Perhaps later today I’ll get back to the Battle of the Bands Tournament. If not today, then tomorrow will be a triple-header.

Off to the shower, but before I go, I found some beautiful music by Sleepingdog thanks to one Warren Ellis (the English writer, not the Australian musician).


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