ALBUM: The King of Limbs by Radiohead

So, I thought it was would be Esthero or Dr. Dre who would kick off my new year with exciting new music. Dre’s DETOX has been pushed back to April now, supposedly, and as usual Esthero’s new album, EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE is M.I.A & T.B.A.  Thankfully, Radiohead, those rockin’ lads from Oxford, are coming through with THE KING OF LIMBS this weekend. Announced on Monday, there are a few options to this unique release. It’s pretty exciting. I’ve spent the last few days debating which package I’m going to get. Details, details!

Radiohead to Release New Album This Saturday
Pre-Order Details here!

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Brandon L. Rucker

Brandon L. Rucker is a musician and writer of fiction, nonfiction and journalism. Armed with grammar and diction, plus an uncanny sense of rhythm and melody, he is at-large and potentially dangerous. Be wary.

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