Time-Traveling on a Lazy Sunday

#NowReading Octavia Butler’s 1979 classic KINDRED. Just a little light sci-fi featuring time-travel and the antebellum South. Never forget that the late, great Octavia E. Butler is a great American treasure.

Btw, I’m known to drink 2-3 cups of tea a day. I’ve already had 3 this morning!

Have a good day, my lovelies.


My Nightstand Tonight



by Lauren James


No chapter numbers but I’m on page 187, beginning the chapter titled “99 Days Until The Eternity Arrives.” Pretty much entering the final third of the book where things have gone very wonky on The Infinity, the ship that protagonist Romy Silvers has been on all her life en route to “Earth II” in a neighboring galaxy to our own. It’s basically a 40-year trip but past events aboard the old ship have left our girl Romy as the lone survivor and she’s been alone in desolate space for several years now and recently lost contact with her mission counselor at NASA back on Earth because apparently a third global war has occurred and the victors have taken over politically as well as operations at NASA. What’s more is another ship, The Eternity, which is younger, faster and more advanced, is on a course to rendezvous with Romy’s ship. She’s struck up a pen-pal like relationship with the lone young man aboard the ship and he being her first real contact with a prospect of the opposite sex has led to a crush with great anticipation! BUT all is not what it seems and the suspense (and the summary) suggests that once they finally meet things may take an unexpected and rather nefarious turn for hopeful young Romy. I hope I get to that part tonight or tomorrow night at the latest. This has been a great speculation/impulse buy for me so far.