Nothing’s Sacred

A library should be a place of quiet but, no, not my local library. Someone gave them the harebrained idea to redesign it with an open concept — no walls — and so now we can hear every noise-generating thing like a gaggle teenagers goofing off over here, and an inconsolable kid crying over there. Without walls the sound travels unimpeded and that has rendered the library as no longer the quiet sanctuary it used to be. Nothing’s sacred.

Today – April 24, 2019

Mont Blanc in Lac Blanc, Chamonix, France – by Simon Fitall

Mountains have done more than I have today. Took the day off work to recuperate after an exciting night of live music, good friends and good times. Old bones need that extra recovery time. It wasn’t until two in the afternoon that I managed to shower, leave my bedroom and actually feed myself. Tomorrow it’s back to the regularly scheduled program of the daily grind. Woe is me.