GUEST BLOG – Wicked Angel: By Definition

Once again, Wicked Angel (Jessi) educates when she writes. What a keen mind this lady has. Her latest posting is another ‘must read’, folks. I’ll just ask that if you’re going to read it, please put your ‘sensible’ caps on.

Excerpt: “Again, we aren’t redefining rape in a sense of legal liability. They’re attempting to redefine it to save tax dollars. It’s easy to try to cut costs when the ones who are being affected aren’t a part of your day to day life. Telling a young woman she isn’t eligible for an abortion because she wasn’t brutally assaulted by a stranger but instead was drugged at a party and taken advantage of by someone she just met wouldn’t be a situation that the politicians behind this revision will ever have to go through. I dare a single one of them to take an hour out of their lives and visit a young woman who has been the victim of an assault. To watch as a doctor breaks the news to her that she is, in fact, pregnant. But I think at this point the opposing politician should step in and have the opportunity to explain to her that despite her low income status, she is not eligible for an abortion because she wasn’t raped a certain way.”

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