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In Response to Justin Trudeau’s Pipeline Dreams

Recently, a friend who has quite the “celebrity crush” on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as both a world leader AND a heartthrob, shared a video by The Other 98% to her Facebook timeline that looked to balance the view of Mr. Trudeau with details about his desire to build three pipelines in his native land. Given the other details in the video, it was actually a bit unbalanced because it began with a list of positive things about Mr. Trudeau. Of course in recent months his profile has risen quite a bit if only because he’s said a lot of good things in the face of very nasty things being slung about in the political sphere these days. Naturally I dig the dude for his various qualities too. So the video prompted this response from yours truly:

We can’t expect world leaders to be perfect. So I would caution against throwing the baby out with the murky bathwater before weighing the negatives against the positives, as I would do most every other human being. I’m a glass half-full, bigger picture kind of guy. If your virtues outweigh your non-virtuous aspects, then we can work together. I can’t sacrifice all the good you’ve done because there are a few bad things you’ve done. That’s operating without a full scope in perspective, y’know?

There’s always something less savory to learn about people, but so long as they have the right balance in light versus dark and most of their intentions or motivations are coming from a place of decency, we’ll take that all day over those blatantly unsavory characters in this crazy series we call life.


So in Justin Trudeau’s case, does his controversial stance on dirty energy negate his commendable stance on feminism, on inclusion, on diversity, on science or on reason? For a convenient and rather stark contrast, we could easily compare Mr. Trudeau with Mr. Trump, the United States’ backward thinking and rather corrupt president.

What’s that, you say? No contest.

My point exactly.

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Don’t Be An Asshole

‘Nuff said.

Image via The Other 98%.

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Lifebook 7 | Empathy Over Apathy

​When it comes to empathy and sympathy, the problem is that many people can’t seem to have either of them until awful shit happens to them as well. Maybe. Too many people are unwilling to make that mental, emotional leap to truly empathize with the unfortunate plight of others. No way we can initiate effective action and change when apathy is so rampant. Empathy needs to prevail over apathy. That starts with us all as individuals if we’re ever going to come together and overcome collectively.

Originally posted on Facebook, 7/7/2016, in response to the current events of two POCs, black males, being fatally shot this week by the police for unjustifiable cause . . . and the general apathy that is displayed by far too many U.S. Citizens.

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CURRENT EVENTS: Ben Affleck Cast As Batman/Bruce Wayne

Old news now, but last week the Internet, especially Twitter, nearly went supernova after the announcement of Warner Bros.‘ casting of Ben Affleck (Argo; The Town) for the role of ol’ Batty Boy himself and his alter-ego Bruce Wayne for the upcoming yet untitled Superman/Batman movie to
be directed by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel; Watchmen), presumably from a script by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Rises) and production from recent Batman movie franchise writer/director/producer of legend, Christopher Nolan (Inception; The Prestige), who also produced and wrote on this summer’s blockbuster Man of Steel movie featuring the boy scout in blue.

There’s also talk of a Justice League film down the line (and Affleck has signed a multi-picture deal), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves on that just yet. This summer’s un-eponymous Superman movie was successful enough (grossing $650 million world-wide) to green-light a sequel, which will effectively be this double-billed Superman/Batman movie scheduled to begin shooting in 2014 with a targeted release date of July 17, 2015. The movie would pit Affleck as the co-star against Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. There’s a slight height difference between the two actors with Affleck being 6’3″-and-change to Cavill’s 6’1″, which is not something the filmmakers will be concerned with at all (although the geek police would have you know that DC Comics lists Superman at 6’3″ and Batman at 6’2″). At any rate, since movies, especially ones of this ilk, are made with lots of money to hopefully make back lots and lots and lots of money, it helps to have two stars who aren’t exactly hard on the eyes for the general public. The two marquee superheroes will be enough of an initial draw given that they’re the two most popular this side of Spider-Man and Iron Man. Affleck, though not really considered a “star draw” will have to beat out a lot of preconceived notions of his ability and suspect box office track record, sure, but I think there will be enough curiosity to get the general public to respond to that curiosity. Plus, smart money thinks he’ll pull off an upset to the naysayers.

From a press release quote courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter: “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman,” Snyder said in the press release. “He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can’t wait to work with him.”

However, like with the rebooted Superman franchise featuring Cavill as its lead, there was the initial groaning from a certain percentage of the fanboy corps when he was cast. This situation with Affleck’s casting is typical/standard/expected/cliche/over-reactionary. In other words, not surprising and very much par for the course. I don’t have anywhere near the space here to showcase any of it, but it’s not hard to find all over the Interwebs. Suffice it to say, this event has inspired petitions and website poles, many of which have a rather vociferous negative attack to the news.

Naturally I have a more wait-and-see, if not downright positive take. First, I actually like the casting of an actor who is naturally affable as Affleck. He could make Bruce Wayne far more likable for me than Christian Bale did in the recently concluded Dark Knight Trilogy (btw, I’m one of those people who liked Val Kilmer’s Bruce Wayne the best). Second, Afflect has some dramatic acting chops. Sure, the jury’s still out on the “action hero” aspect, but for a fit and strapping guy like him I imagine a lot of it will hinge on the script and direction. But make no mistake, dude CAN act (an aspect that many action movies tend to minimize). I think Affleck can bring a lot of depth to a character desperately in need of that aspect translating well onto the screen, because I think that has been inconsistent in the past (which is not at all a surprise when a movie is more plot-driven than character-driven).

Surprisingly there’s been a great deal of positive here and there amid all the backlash, so that’s been nice to see. For me, personally, I’m going to need two buckets of popcorn. One for the movie itself. Another for watching the show that will be the Affleck-as-Batman haters issuing mea culpas and caveats when he pleasantly shocks them with is portrayal of the once and forever Dark Knight.

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Current Events: Impending Doom

So on Wednesday at Comcast we got informed that in the regional reorganization that our department would be moved up to Michigan in order for the company to save money by centralizing the operations there in one place rather than two. And so our jobs would be permanently terminated at the end of August. That’s two months. As part of the severance deal, we can sign up to stay on an additional two months to help out with the transition.

Considering the job market out there in a down economy, this event certanly earns the title “impending doom”.

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GUEST BLOG – Wicked Angel: By Definition

Once again, Wicked Angel (Jessi) educates when she writes. What a keen mind this lady has. Her latest posting is another ‘must read’, folks. I’ll just ask that if you’re going to read it, please put your ‘sensible’ caps on.

Excerpt: “Again, we aren’t redefining rape in a sense of legal liability. They’re attempting to redefine it to save tax dollars. It’s easy to try to cut costs when the ones who are being affected aren’t a part of your day to day life. Telling a young woman she isn’t eligible for an abortion because she wasn’t brutally assaulted by a stranger but instead was drugged at a party and taken advantage of by someone she just met wouldn’t be a situation that the politicians behind this revision will ever have to go through. I dare a single one of them to take an hour out of their lives and visit a young woman who has been the victim of an assault. To watch as a doctor breaks the news to her that she is, in fact, pregnant. But I think at this point the opposing politician should step in and have the opportunity to explain to her that despite her low income status, she is not eligible for an abortion because she wasn’t raped a certain way.”

Linkage for more: