Back from the Dead?

Sickness. That’s the gift of your children, sickness. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I contracted some deathly bug from my youngest daughter. Turns out an innocent kiss goodnight can stealthily be the kiss of death.

I kid. Mostly. But those of you with little ones of your own, you’re no stranger to this. You know very well by now how potent those little, um, lovely offspring can be with their communicable diseases…them and their legion at school.

Finally, after a week of dancing with the Reaper, I went to the Rx today to procure myself some much needed medicinal relief (although I thought the NyQuil was doing just fine, at least at night. Alieve is a great fever reducer as well.)

Ah, medicinal relief to clear that dark mucus in my chest!

Seems the Internet did not miss my presence, so that means I’m free to remain underground where there’s plenty work left to be done, even more so with the illness setback. Shoot, I’m a slow and distracted enough writer without the interruption.



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