UPDATE: Reactivation Notice | A Change of Plans

Yeah, it’s quite obvious I’m not done playing the role of comic book aficionado and commentator as well as industry analyst.  I never stopped, really, I just kept doing it to a lesser degree within a private group on Facebook, a group that’s been together since the Spring/Summer cusp of 2011 when DC’s The New 52 was first announced.  This stuff is in my blood, I’m fetish-ly addicted to comics and all things comics-related.  So…disregard the previous note about deactivation (over on Blogger), which included a statement that I would just cover this stuff on my main website Ruckerpedia. Comics are that kind of thing that demands its own space and focus – it can’t be shared with other things.  Hence this new blog/website here on WordPress (went ahead and grabbed the doc com domain), migrated from Blogger and re-configured and somewhat redesigned.  I’ll be attempting some new and different things this time around:

Buzz – Buzz and hubbub from social media, which will mostly be comic book folk (pros and fans) I’m well associated with, but also anything else that’s worthy of sharing.

Commentary – Nothing new, really, just a category that consolidates and replaces others.  This is where all my usual analysis and commentary will go (I hasten to say “reviews” because I don’t do typical reviews). You could call this Comic Book Fetish Central.

Comics-Related – Pretty simple: movies, TV shows, videogames and such adapted from comic books.

The Haul – Pics of the (semi) weekly or monthly Haul, the stack o’ books that I as well as my friends bring home.

My Comics – This section will be under construction soon and deserves its own separate write up in the future.

See the menu bar at the top of the site for navigation of these.

Gotta say, it’s good to be back.

– Brandon (brandonrucker.com)



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