CBF Update: Week 2

More 2013 Fetish Favorites to come this week as I finally push the last year out of my rear-view mirror. I’ve also updated the Fetish Five Comics to reflect my favorite comic reads of December. This month I especially look forward to debuting series such as Deadly Class, Black Widow & Veil, plus new favorites Rocket Girl, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals & Velvet, and of course old favorites like Lazarus, Saga & Young Avengers. A few series in-progress that I’m looking to finally check out include Coffin Hill, Pretty Deadly & Sheltered as I patiently trade-wait those.

On television this month I look forward to a couple of new shows: HBO’s True Detective and CBS’s Intelligence. Also, the return of favorites Almost Human, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow and yeah, I guess you can throw Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in there too to see how it improves. Will have to wait for Feb. 9th for the Walking Dead’s winter/spring return.

I’ve recently added two new sections to the tabs menu: Linkage – for quick access to the off-site places I link to, and Cosplay – which will archive found cosplay pics that intrigue me. However, to get the section started I will upload the cosplay pics that I took at previous conventions I attended, New York Comic Con (2011) and C2E2 (2012). I anticipate the (art) Gallery filling up more this week as well. At some point I’ll get to my fetish for black and white art.

I am perhaps half-finished with my reactionary/speculating column in response to the recent Star Wars/Dark Horse/Marvel news and look to post that sometime Monday. Multitasker that I am, I will also be finishing up my first full article for Bleeding Cool this week. And I really should get around to focusing on the comic script I’ve had lingering for a few months now. Lost my steam when I had to return my research materials to the library (max renewal of 5 times) and the stresses of the holiday season took hold. Then I finally got a new job. As evident from this blog, I decide to amp up my non-fiction writing. All excuses, I know. Even if legitimate, they’re still excuses.

At an alarming rate the snow is falling fast and steady here in Indiana as Snowpocalypse 2014 Part Deux gets well underway. They’re calling for 8 to 12 inches in my area, perhaps even more. With sub-zero winds to create great drifts. A huge, white fluffy blanket that is not warm. Yeah, I’m going nowhere today, nor likely tomorrow.

– B.
In a whiteout.


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