Update: Local Heroes & Alternate Personas

I recently closed open submissions for my Local Heroes anthology. Currently I am in the final editing and formatting stages of the book manuscript, which should take another three days of concentrated work (particularly the weekend for longer stretches). Or, who knows, maybe it would take longer. Who knows. I can’t deny that a very patriotic September 11, 2011 release date would be very cool, but I probably shouldn’t hold on to it that long as that would be excessive.

In my own writing news, I’ve just setup several pen names to be launched next week over at Smashwords. For the time being they will be top secret. What can I say, I am a glutton for self-punishment. I have a penchant for creating additional work for myself, especially administratively considering I now have to manager several different identities. I’m following in the vein of authors such as Evan Hunter (Ed McBain), Donald Westlake (Richard Stark), Dean Koontz (a dozen), Stephen King (Richard Bachman), Anne Rice (Anne Rampling), and dozens of others (especially those in the 19th century) who have used pseudonymns at diffrent points in their careers (usually early on).

Trust me. If you saw the amount of diverse work I have amassed over nearly two decades, you’d understand the necessity of this method.

I have also been drafted to provide music for a special enhanced e-book project to be published this fall by Liquid Imagination. More on that in the weeks to come.


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