Acceptance: Two of My Stories in Bizarro Anthology

Two of my short stories have been accepted for featured publication in the bizarro anthology Like Frozen Statues of Flesh, edited by Joe Jablonski. The anthology will be published in a couple of weeks by the Static Movement imprint (for which I am also editing an anthology, the forthcoming Local Heroes).

“All In A Day’s Work” is an absurdist piece of fiction that I originally wrote back in 1997 as a hoot inspired by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens. My story follows a grim reaper on his first day on the job. The version that will be published is updated in spots and has an all-new ending that’s different from the original that has languished on my various hard drives the past thirteen years or so.

“The Underneath” is newer, written in 2009 and is certainly a bizarre piece of fiction dealing with a fella who has discovered a strange blemish on his skin that was not ever there previously. What happens after that discovery results in perhaps the strangest story I’ve ever written in my 18 years of fiction writing.

Like Frozen Statues of Flesh is the perfect home for these two pieces that would no doubt have had hard times finding homes due to their unorthodox stylings.

More on this later.


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