Book: Best Left Buried, A Cursed Anthology

Best Left Buried: A Cursed Anthology about cursed objects and those who wield them, was recently published and is now available. The antholoy was lovingly compiled and edited by Gregory Miller (author of The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town and Scaring the Crows: 21 Tales from Noon to Midnight) is now available from Static Movement on Amazon.

The first story featured is a little cursed tale authored by me called “Finder Kept” about what happens when an otherworldly trinket falls into the wrong hands.

Here’s a brief excerpt from “Finder Kept”:

A few moments ago a man had come running through the alley. It seemed pretty obvious that he had been pursued by someone as he kept glancing behind him like someone being chased.  The Running-Scared Man had tossed the satchel toward the heap of black trash bags mere inches from where The Bum had lay as he ran by. The satchel had nestled itself within the heap, perhaps to be retrieved at a later date by The Running-Scared Man. Yet The Bum had retrieved the curious package for himself.  He had discovered the cash it contained immediately, but had paid no mind to the other object inside the small bag.
Sobering now, he considered the satchel and its strange markings, and wondered what was actually in the damned thing.  It was weighty and felt somewhat metallic, maybe even mechanical.

The origins for this story go way back to 1999 and was nearly part of a huge collaborative story with a few other writers at the time. But as those kinds of projects often go, it never came to fruition, so I kept my portion of it all this time with hopes of revisiting it someday. Once Greg’s cursed anthology caught my attention I knew that with a few tweaks here and there to what I wrote all those years ago I had found a home for it, as well as great incentive to expand on what I already had and complete it as an actual story. I was so pleased to find someone who enjoyed it perhaps even more than I did. Thanks, Greg. I owe you one, buddy.


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