My Fiction – Finder Kept (eBook)

Finder Kept: A Tale of Unintended Fate

The Tease

Like Pandora’s Box, some things are simply best left buried or undisturbed. When a drunken homeless person unwittingly acquires a strange object from a man who is obviously running for his life, the homeless person’s apparent new fortune takes an instant turn for the worse. This is an unfortunate tale of unintended fate.

Author’s Commentary

This was the first story featured in the print anthology BEST LEFT BURIED, selected and edited by Gregory Miller a few years back. I’m guessing my little tale about what happens when a cursed, otherworldly trinket falls into the wrong hands must have epitomized the theme of the anthology because Miller chose to have my story lead the book. It’s no doubt an incredibly huge honor to have your words and your name be the first featured content in any book. This one’s definitely in the “weird” section of my personal library. You click the cover below for a free read.


None of these old works are my finest work, but they now exist in digital form for posterity, if nothing else. I suppose also as a reminder that as a writer I can always do better.

The Cover

Finder Kept 2 (1400w)



  1. love the cover! Just downloaded it!


  2. It, as in the story, not the cover, lol. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jenn. The first half is soooo old (1999). It was part of what was going to be a continuous story by 4 or 5 authors (back in those early days of Zoetrope), but the experiment failed and I took my part and re-worked it for that anthology. It’s not a great one, but I trash nothing 😉


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