Guest Blog – Fifty Shades of Error: Chuck Palahniuk’s BEAUTIFUL YOU

Selected Essays and Squibs by Joseph Suglia

Fifty Shades of Error in chuckpalahniuk’s BEAUTIFUL YOU
by Dr. Joseph Suglia, the Greatest Author in the World

1.) “Even as Penny was attacked, the judge merely stared” [1]. Never begin a novel with a sentence written in the passive voice. This sentence, in particular, sounds as if it were transliterated from Estonian or spoken by Grimace. It contains a clumsy adverb (“merely”). It is fatiguing to read.

2.) “The court reporter continued to dutifully keyboard, transcribing Penny’s words” [1]. Careful novelists avoid verbs such as “to continue,” “to start,” “to try,” “to remain,” and “to begin.” Such verbs weaken sentences.

3.) “It would’ve been different if there had been other women in the courtroom, but there were none” [1]. “None” is a singular indefinite pronoun; therefore, the second independent clause should read: “there was none.”

4.) “The public sphere was devoid of women” [1]. If I wrote this sentence…

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