Dealing with Personal Loss as a Writer

Everyone deals with loss in their own unique way. My friend Bob Thurber lost his daughter Sarah to death back in the middle of December (yeah, just before the Christmas Holiday). He called it “an unspeakable loss” a few weeks later. No words would justify, so it was best he said little else about it. Naturally, I tried to reflect on my own situation with young daughters of my own. Yeah. An unfathomable situation.

Since I know Thurber to be a writer who channels a lot of his own emotional truths into his writing, the other day I became curious as to how he would actually channel this particular ugly, awful truth.

My timing was impeccable. It was the eve of the 2nd month anniversary of her passing on to a better place. Thurber had a new story that he shared with me called “The Search Party”. He said it would go live online the next day–the 2nd month anniversary.

And so it has been posted here, at The Outlet. Have a read of “The Search Party” to see a writer confront his terrible loss in his own way with less than 300 words.



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