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Ruckin’ With You | 11.18.16 | Ugh!

Late Edition. As I finally file this away for transmission to you on this fine Friday (71 degrees in mid-November), I am a miserable bastard who stayed home from work today due to having received the plague from my teenage daughter. I know how it happened too. It was last Saturday when I was enclosed inside a car with the infected child (Patient Zero — I call her “Outbreak Monkey”) when we all went to lunch that afternoon. That was the day–if not before or immediately after–that the insidious virus leaped from her body to my unsuspecting one. By Tuesday for sure it was gestating, and by Wednesday I was waking up in the morning with a sore throat. By Thursday it was full bore. So here I sit on a Friday cooped up on such a unseasonably nice day. I’m normally quite the iron man, capable of warding off most contagions. But not when you entrap me in a small space like a car with diseased individuals (especially a school-age child). Kids, man. They got no respect.


So in light (or dark) of recent sociopolitical events, I’ve decided to start re-reading Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s TRANSMETROPOLITAN graphic novel series that was originally serialized in comics form from 1997 to 2002. It features a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired gonzo journalist named Spider Jerusalem of the distant future who, after five years living alone “up a goddamn mountain” is thrust out of early retirement by the fact that he still owes his book publisher two more books. He must reintegrate himself with The City as a journalist who is after the undisputed societal truth to report to the masses, aided quite advantageously by his old newspaper editor who rehires Spider and furnishes him with all the accommodations a future gonzo journalist of his stature requires. Immediately he discovers that all is not right in The City and that those problems are being propelled by politicians, and he begins to uncover a deep conspiracy that leads directly to the  narcissitic head of The City’s government. Seems like a timely read, no?

Raiding Tombs

For the past week or so I have been playing RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER (on Xbox One), the first sequel in the re-rebooted Tomb Raider videogame franchise. It’s been great fun so far with harrowing, but survivable action-adventures, fine character work and a mysterious plot. The graphics are phenomenal, the gameplay is fluid and well-engineered, and the environments and the game’s scope is vast. I’ve only scratched about 18% of it so far and I’m having a blast. Special thanks to the wife who got it for me last Christmas.

I Still Bleed Metal

As evident by the font in this week’s featured image, I am a huge METALLICA fan (since 1987) and today is Blackened Friday–the day their first proper new album of new music in eight years, Hardwired . . . To Self-Destruct, is released. I procured my package (the 3-CD deluxe edition) earlier today and just burned it into iTunes for upload onto my iPod (my newfangled car thinks CD players are already obsolete). I’ve heard all 13 songs via their massive video releases on Wednesday and Thursday–a unique original video for each song–to promote the imminent release. Also released today was The Duke, a 5-track EP by LAMB OF GOD, one of my other favorite metal bands (since 2006). 

Also recently bought the 2016 releases by old thrash metal stalwarts in TESTAMENT’s Brotherhood of the Snake and DEATH ANGEL’s The Evil Divide. Both albums are very solid modern metal offerings with an almost throwback aesthetic to the heyday of thrash in the late 1980s when the entire genre was releasing its most seminal music. This is the kind of music that forced me into finally picking up the guitar in 1988. 

Movies I Need to See

I still haven’t seen DOCTOR STRANGE. Nor ARRIVAL. I must rectify this ASA logistically P.



New additions to my Library of Works site include:

A collection of “on the road” pieces – “I’m Not From Around Here” (poem), “The Road is My Map” (WIP), “Going the Distance” (micro), “Road Dog” (double-drabble).

And one of my most romantic pieces ever written“Living and Dying Under a Harvest Moon” (short story).

Check’em out and more as a patron of the RUCKERPEDIA library.

I’m going to go ahead and end this one here. I’ll probably file another of these on Sunday or Monday where I will get into what’s next for me creatively and such. I haven’t filed a proper workbook update in a while here, so maybe it will double as such.

Enjoy your weekend. And try to do something nice for yourself and others. Kindness should be sprinkled when and wherever possible.



RUCKERPEDIA | A Programming Note

So everyone’s favorite new website RUCKERPEDIA has been showcasing dark fiction this month in honor of the “Dark Days of October” leading up to Halloween. And over the next couple of weeks that will continue to be a focus of my little Library of Works.

However, tonight a crime spree will commence as I upload six different pieces of crime fiction, be it a series of 50-word dribbles, a dialogue-only piece, short story excerpts and even a work-in-progress. I’m might even include a couple of noir pieces as the nightcaps. 

So make sure you tune in this evening from primetime and on through the late night hours for some seedy good times, m’kay?


Blog Ruckin' With You

Ruckin’ With You | 10.9.16 | Library’s Open!

I’d really like to be ruckin’ with y’all proper today, however, I’m not going to be able to because…

I’m on vacation!!!

Out of town with the fam this week, on a multi-stop adventure which commenced this morning with a 6-hour drive. I sure hope to get a lot of backlogged reading done during the down time of this week. Perhaps some plotting during the quiet hours in the hotel room.

I will say this though: this past week I was pretty much obsessed with launching my new website:


I hope you’ll all check out, and Like, and add it to your WP Reader, or FOLLOW to be notified of updates.

RUCKERPEDIA, which has been in the works for a while, is my online Library of Works site which is home to my various creative works like a variety of forms of fiction, poetry and lyrics. Currently stocked with about 15 pieces, with another 5 on deck and at least a total of 25 works to be uploaded this month alone. I’d say by year’s end, if all goes well, I will have uploaded about 60 previously-written pieces total. Although I’m planning on getting back into the habit of writing and submitting new works, I may also publish some new stuff on RUCKERPEDIA as well.

Quick Notes

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE on Netflix is quite awesome.

WESTWORLD on HBO is pretty neat as well.



Another couple of handy ruckin’ links for ya:

About Ruckerpedia

 Ruckerpedia on Facebook

Okay, that’s all the ruckin’ I’ve got for this week.

Be good to each other.

Have a great week.


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Ruckin’ With You | 9.25.16 | On a Pre-Birthday Sunday

Late edition for the previous week. Smartly I launched this birthday weekend/weekbegin with a 4-day weekend off from work to commemorate my latest trip ‘round the sun. Before officially being another year older I decided to finally finish constructing the companion website to this one. The site is called RUCKERPEDIA. Long-term readers here may recall that as the former moniker of the blogsite you’re currently reading (succeeded by RUCKOLOGY and finally, Rucker | Writer).

So what the heck is RUCKERPEDIA, you might ask? Essentially it is the site that will serve as my official online archive of fiction (of various formats and genres), poetry and lyrics. You could think of it like an online zine, but dedicated exclusively to my many various works. For posterior, if nothing else. It will also be a place to host some all-new writing that doesn’t quite belong elsewhere.

I’m currently tweaking the layout now and then will begin to stock it with pieces over the next week. With any luck it will be primed and ready to launch upon an unsuspecting public next Monday, October 1st. I hope you’ll all dig the chance to easily peruse my more creative writing, given the out-of-print aspect of my published works and the very low profile nature of my writing “career”, for lack of a better description.

So my post-punk rock band Neglect the Alarm, which continues to find reasons to not reconvene for writing, rehearsal and recording sessions, has somehow managed to receive two honorable nominations via Punk Rock Night, which was our first and only live booking for 2016 (at the historic Melody Inn in Indianapolis, IN). Apparently we left quite an impression on a cold January night to have still been in the consciousness of the people who nominated us. I’m totally honored that our little-band-that-could got nominated for BEST NEW BAND and the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD (that voting took place just a week ago, for fuck’s sake). We’re in great company too. Personally, I’m humbled. Yay, us. As for the immediate and distant future of our band? I could do no better than the great Nostradamus on that one, and he didn’t exactly have the highest successful prediction rate.

Saw Deftones last Monday night with an old friend who got us in with a free will-call ticket because she has connections for that kind of stuff. I’m a casual fan of this band, I have 4 of their 8 albums and really love their 4th album, the self-titled one from 2003. They played no songs from that one, to my great dismay, and really only 3 or 4 of the 19 on their set list did I actually like. It’s not that I truly dislike most of their music, it’s listenable, but it’s just kind of . . . there. Almost pedestrian. I think the main thing is, especially with their later stuff, guitar-wise they’re not really riffy. When it comes to hard rock and heavy metal, I need RIFFS! So, needless to say, I was bit bored for the 90s minutes that we stayed to watch.

Historical Quote of the Week

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My Facebook Quote of the Week — in reaction to the Washington state mall gunman being captured by authorities. 

“Oh, nice. This gunman of 5 cold blooded murders got confronted by police and lived. How fortunate for him. Like with Dylan Rooth, I wonder if they stopped to get him a bite to eat?”

Snarky, I know. 

New Hashtags:

#ThisIsNotFiction #ThisIsRealLife

For use when you encounter news in social media that is so anti-progressive that it has you questioning if this is real life.

Song of the Week:

“Starboy” by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

(Explicit — NSFW)


Be good to each other.

Have a great week.


Blog Journals Workbook Working Update

Workbook 6 | March: Ramping Up

Hello, Spring. You’ve been missed. And I’ve been busy. Sorta. Been a while since I’ve done one of these so let’s get right to it.

Current Project: Comeback

  • The past month or so has been devoted to making a comeback in a couple of different ways. A kind of rebirth. Emerging from the dark cold winter with a better outlook on what it is I’m supposed to be doing with whatever talents I may have as a writer and musician. I’m addressing the writer aspect first.
  • First and foremost, I had to upgrade my primary computing and writing device with a new laptop. That was done about a month ago. Updated hardware and software, crucial tools for working smarter, not harder.

Current Project: Ruckerpedia

  • Creating a self-publishing venue for my writing – that’s currently underway as I put together the all-new Ruckerpedia: The Magazine & Archive of yours truly, which will house all of my fiction, poetry and lyrics – old and forthcoming.
  • In the process of the just mentioned, this particular blog became rebranded as simply my name dot com.
  • Currently shopping around for the perfect WP theme to use for a site that is essentially a magazine.
  • I’ve found the what appears to be the perfect WP theme for the new Ruckerpedia magazine site.

Upcoming Project: TBA Music Website

  • Will create another website that will house all of my recorded music, old and forthcoming. Will probably tackle this in earnest toward the beginning of next month after I’ve fully launched the new Ruckerpedia.

Upcoming Projects: Serialized Fiction

  • Soon I’ll be discussing this in greater detail, but I’ve always been interested in (and probably best suited for) writing episodic fiction. Once the new Ruckerpedia venue is in place the endless potential for producing long fiction in small, serialized stanzas and chapters will be more of a reality.

Upcoming Collaborative Projects: TBA

  • Currently in talks with a couple of collaborative partners for two different projects. It’s too early for details as those are still being conceptualized, but both will play into my urge to produced serialized fiction. One of the creative partners is someone I’d been teasing working with on this very website for the past year. The other is a childhood friend and someone I’ve collaborated with in the past on a musical project of ours. This particular type of collaboration is something we should have done forever ago.

Resurrected Project ?: Novel Series (Codenamed: Blood-Borne)

  • Finally decided to share some of what I’ve written over the past 6.5 years with a writer friend just to see how it connects. The good thing is in reviewing those measly 6000 words or so prior to sharing them with her, I was struck by how much I’m still in love with those words I written a few years ago and how at this point they required very minimal refinement in the re-reading. Whenever I can truly commit to this sleeping beast of a novel (series), I thankfully won’t have to look backward and can simply boogie on ahead. But as I write this I still anxiously await my friend’s response to the material.

Next Month

  • Finalize, populate with content and launch the new Ruckerpedia upon an unsuspecting world
  • Hammer out the details on collaborative works.
  • Get my musical affairs in order for the coming year.
  • Keep on task and stay busy, stay productive, etc.