No Sacrifice – An Unfinished Demo

Maybe someday when I replace all the recording equipment I sold off a few years back I can finally finish this demo. I'll have to completely re-record it, but still.  


Jubilee | Lyrics [via RUCKERPEDIA]

I wrote this little ditty in 2009 under less tumultuous socio-political times. But its message of unity and the overcoming of differences and the celebration of the fact that we’re all here, human and alive, is timeless. And timely on a day like today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


It’s that special time of year

We should gather with each other despite our fears

We’ll break bread and dine with wine

And discover there’s no trouble and we’re just fine

We are all of the same blood

So it’s silly to throw punches instead of hugs

Peace is not (just) for the naive

We should be wearing our compassion upon our sleeves

So let’s celebrate today

And be grateful that we all have a voice to say

That we’re thankful for our lives

And we’re laughing, dancing, singing and giving high fives

Written: March 28, 2009. Released on the album Bridging the Disconnect, released September 29, 2009 via I Rock Recordings under the moniker of Sap.

Copyright © 2009 by Brandon L. Rucker | RuckerWrites | @RuckerWrites

I Rock Recordings


Guitars, voices & percussion performed by  Brandon Rucker.

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