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RUCKERPEDIA – My new Library of Works site is now live and being stocked daily (at least 25 works uploading this month alone)
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Clive Barker Returns with THE SCARLET GOSPELS

The Scarlet GospelsIn which he kills the Hell Priest, aka Pinhead (no spoiler, this is a major promotional point of the novel). The Scarlet Gospels was released this week on May 19th in hardcover.  For the author it has beeen a hellish misadventure to finally get The Scarlet Gospels completed and published, as he details in this Grantland Q&A. Part of that living nightmare that he describes in the Q&A are things I’d heard about earlier this year via a Nerdist podcast (episode 590) interview Barker did with Chris Hardwick. Real life horrors such as contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome after a routine visit to the dentist, a subsequent coma, a few strokes, and the long recovery to livable and finally sustainable health afterward. It was a devastating thing to learn (and hear — his voice is quite changed and weathered sounding now) from a chance podcast listening encounter because I’d not heard anything about these awful events (which of course was by design of Mr. Barker). Needless to say I’m not ready to lose one of my literary heroes, who will turn 63 later this year in October (a fellow libra, like Anne Rice). Now I just need to get my hands and eyeballs on The Scarlet Gospels for some bookworm ruckus.

A reading of the first chapter of The Scarlet Gospels can be heard via Soundcloud here.

My next post will discuss my most favorite Clive Barker tome by the name of Galilee.

LINKAGE: Sound on Sight | Terrence Sage Reviews Teen Titans #8

Teen TitansSo my young geeky pal Terrence Sage is coming of age right before my eyes.  He’s a senior in high school this year (he and I, along with a handful of other geeky dudes, met via Twitter a few years back during his sophomore year).  He’s a highly enthusiastic comics and geek pop culture-loving young man who’s now dipped his toe into the comics journalism pool that I’ve swam in for about as long as we’ve known each other.  He’s just published his first article, a review of DC Comic’s Teen Titans #8 and I gotta say young fella’s debut is pretty darn good. Naturally, as one of many “Friends of B”, I must give him a little plug here. Check it out over at Sound on Sight.

Direct Linkage: Teen Titans #8: The Kids Are Socially Alright

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