1.26.20 – What Is This?

Holy mother of . . . what is this great ball of fire in the sky? Is that . . . is that Sol, otherwise commonly known as The Sun . . . the solitary great star of our ever-expanding stellar system? Oh, this is glorious! I’ve been home for four days and this is the first I’ve seen of it since. What a wonderful discovery! I am the sunshine kid, so please forgive my exuberant response to such a momentous occasion 😉



sunlight through trees
Photo by Micah Hallahan

Every morning. Without fail. The reset. For me it’s almost like a complete reboot because the internal processor that is my brain does this total cache-ing of whatever negative energy or static was effecting me by the previous day’s end. Thus, mentally and emotionally (maybe not physically as I am a middle-aged man) I awake completely refreshed, happy-go-lucky and with a positive mindset for the day and very little-to-no nasty residue from the day before. This can be annoying (sometimes I’d like to hold on to that intense energy from the day before) but I can’t deny that it’s a good thing too. Comes in real handy if you need to apologize the next day for how you acted the day before, or on the flip side of that, be more receptive to the mea culpas of others.

By nature I’m not what one would call “a morning person” because I always (well, used to) stay up late and I’m not exactly anxious to rise early to go to work, but in the last couple of years as I’ve eased into middle-age (and have a weekday grind that starts a 8 AM) I’ve found that even when I don’t need to rise early on weekends and days off that I’ve been rising well before my preferred 10 o’ clock rising time of the good ol’ days (of course that may have something to do with my falling asleep earlier than planned like some old man). This earlier awakening  happens by default now but I appreciate it because as a sunshine kid I do like to enjoy as much of the daylight hours as possible as well as those ‘quiet hours’ in my house as they’re perfect for thinking, reading and writing without distraction and interruption. The universe knows my eternal struggle with distractions.

Anyway, good morning to the two or three of you reading this after it posts. I am reset for this glorious new day! Here’s hoping it’s not downhill from here. I need tea.

1.24.20 – Sick Day #2


I wish the hawk would return to one of our trees so I could capture an image of it, though it would probably take flight before I could get the snap. I love the wild kingdom we have in our neighborhood. The hawks and owls being my favorites since I love raptors. I do miss the toads, though.

Anyway, not much change from yesterday’s weather photo snap. Such is winter in the Midwest. Consecutive days of gray overcast . . . you might mistake our region for the Pacific Northwest were it more green.

An hour ago I made breakfast for the child and I (and yes I did have my tea today). At our home I am famously the Breakfast Guy (you’d agree if you’d had my World Famous French Toast). I will stop short of saying that preparing breakfast is inherently a ‘guy thing’ but for me there’s no meal I’d rather prepare for my family. So when the rare opportunity to stay home with my youngest daughter and make breakfast for her arises, I relish it in both an instinctual and loving way.

1.23.20 – Daddy Daycare

At home with the strep thoat-stricken child today. I have administered Jello and antibiotics and offered advice regarding a boyfriend matter. Daddy daycare and advisory board, pro bono.

Aside from that I’ve not done much of anything productive today, yet I’m not really missing work. The Impeachment trial is on the tube in the background. Lunch has just arrived via The Lady of the Manor. But it’s just occured to me that I’ve not yet had any tea today. I will have to correct that at some point.

The Perfect Day Is . . .

clock-439592_960_7204 hrs reading.

4 hrs writing.

4 hrs rocking.

6 hrs miscellaneous activities with self/family/friends.

6 hrs sleeping.

Daily I live with the disturbing truth that I somehow failed to maneuver myself into a career that paid me a modest living’s worth to either read, write or rock. Hell, all three in the same day would be exquisite.

But no.

Instead I as a middle-aged man somehow manage to function with the anxiety of having not made the right choices in that regard.

FUN FACT: You can damn near spell the word underachiever with letters from my three names. You’d only be short the h and the i. Obviously only someone with issues would even think that way, right?

MASTODON: Happy 20th Anny!

fb_img_15789483824517451081384724693038.jpgHappy 20-year anniversary to one of my all-time favorite bands. In January 2000 drummer/eventual vocalist Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher met bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders and guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds at a HIGH ON FIRE concert in Atlanta and later that month MASTODON was born when the boys had their first infamous band practice. The rest as they say is history.