My Music | Seven Years of Bridging the Disconnect

Today, September 29th marks the seven year anniversary of when I officially released the demo LP of my Solo Acoustic Project, which was lazily called Sap. Bridging the Disconnect, a 15-track album of predominantly acoustic (demo) ditties written, performed, produced and recorded by yours truly in a completely solo effort that was not a task for … Continue reading My Music | Seven Years of Bridging the Disconnect


Reblog: Flash in the Pan – Tips For Writing Flash Fiction

Reminders like this never hurt.

A Writer's Path


by Neil MacDonald

I write flash fiction in the Friday Fictioneers group every week. Flash fiction is very short fiction, typically under 750 or 1,000 words. Within it, some people distinguish between “drabbles” (100 words), “dribbles” (50 words) and so on. These distinctions don’t really matter.  The genre is good exercise for a writer in editing skills and wordcraft.

The talented Friday Fictioneer, Claire Fuller (author of Our Endless Numbered Days) produced 12 hints on writing flash fiction. That stimulated me to write a few of my own.

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Happy Birthday To Me | Thanks Metallica (new song & video)

A year older. More gray hairs in the beard. Another trip 'round the sun. I can't deny that the past year has been one of the better ones in recent years. And today got the new year off to a good start. Thanks, no small part, to one of my all-time favorite bands Metallica. The … Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me | Thanks Metallica (new song & video)

Ruckin’ With You | 9.25.16 | On a Pre-Birthday Sunday

Late edition for the previous week. Smartly I launched this birthday weekend/weekbegin with a 4-day weekend off from work to commemorate my latest trip ‘round the sun. Before officially being another year older I decided to finally finish constructing the companion website to this one. The site is called RUCKERPEDIA. Long-term readers here may recall … Continue reading Ruckin’ With You | 9.25.16 | On a Pre-Birthday Sunday

Quotes | Stephen King – On Writing

In honor of Stephen "Uncle Stevie" King's birthday this week (Sept 21st) I am going to forego our regularly scheduled programming in favor of five poignant quotes from Mr. King's book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft that I bookmarked with lots of Post-it Notes so many years ago. By the way, this isn't the first time … Continue reading Quotes | Stephen King – On Writing

Ruckin’ With You | 9.16.16 | I Am Healed

Last Friday I launched my weekend with an injury while horsing around with one of my kids. My social media announcements about it went like this: "Soooo guess which genius injured his shoulder while lifting his full grown teenager into the air the other night? Got worse last night. Could be serious (never had surgery, … Continue reading Ruckin’ With You | 9.16.16 | I Am Healed