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Um, Hi, it’s me again! Feeling cute and sociable.


So I’ve come back to reestablish a regular presence here on WordPress and it has occurred to me that I should also become more social here again as well. That means reaching out more — actually responding to what I’ve read on all your various sites and  offering more than a mere like. I would imagine a simple quid pro quo approach would be the simple currency here. We reciprocate what we’ve received.

On my end this would no doubt require me to decrease my social media activities, which I should do anyways when I lack anything relevant to add to the cybersphere. So that’s what I will do: shun Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a little more in favor of my WP feed here. And maybe I should also start promoting/giving shout-outs to interesting blogs and friendly bloggers I may come across again. Re-blogs. Heck, we can even just make that part of the above-mentioned QPQ currency here as well.

So, yeah! I’ll be seein’ ya!


Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve literally been here for years.

This is a reboot. Well, actually, since the previous 550+ blog postings all still exist (now over on my archive site Ruckerpedia), I suppose it’s more accurately a relaunch. A relaunch of the general blog I started nearly a decade ago over on Blogger in late 2009 (originally called Brandon Rucker Writes) before I migrated it over to WordPress in late 2013. This relaunch of my blogging activities is necessary because, you see, I’ve been distracted with other things and slacking. I realized earlier this year that it was time for a fresh start and a renewed purpose for blogging. Hence, the most apt new title of the blog . . .

On the Page

. . . because, like before, I will use this space to get various thoughts, ideas, editorials, commentaries, discoveries and actual creative writing onto the virtual page here. That’s pretty much the original purpose a decade ago, along with documenting (and let’s be honest: commiserating) the writer’s and musician’s life because at the time in 2009-11 I was publishing short stories and poems and editing a short story anthology as well as flash fiction for a literary webzine, all the while writing/performing/producing/recording original music for various projects. Yes, I like to stay busy (my personal mantra is “always be creating.”)

On the Page offers a renewal of purpose and (I hope/intend) a frequency that will be more focused and regular (daily, semi-daily) like it was years ago. It’s possible it will also serve as a general status update for my various social media. As always intended, the point is for this to be a convenient receptacle for a regular flow of words from my noggin’ to my fingertips to the virtual page. That’s what a writer does, get words on/onto/upon/embedded on the page! Considering my blank page fetish (seriously, you should see how many actual physical notebooks I have), restarting with a fresh new ‘notebook’ is incredibly enticing to the writing mind and hands.

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