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As a writer of many forms, I tend to view my approach to writing as a painter would approach his art. A blank page, my canvas, magnetically attracts to me with the inspiration to fill it with words, using my discriminate diction and self-assured syntax to splash sentences upon the canvas in order to create new masterpiece of honest expression. As the goal with any painter is to engage the beholder of the art, my goal is simpatico in that I aim to engage you, Curious Reader, by sharing information, thoughts, experiences, advice, stories, art, music, etc. and hopefully form a unique connection to you with the words I splash upon this page. Continue reading “About”

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Creative & Editorial Services

Working Together

I have always been open to collaborating with other creative people, especially visual artists, specifically illustrators, and other writers. I’ve also put in a lot time helping others in different advocacy roles as an editor, workshop member and peer adviser.  Continue reading “Creative & Editorial Services”