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Read. Write. Rock.

A bit above my usual average. Actually, that’s a staggering amount of time, really, and time is not free. I need to get my nose out of FB and back into books. Consume and create more art. Read. Write. Rock. That’s mantra. I have a library of books to enjoy. An embarrassing amount of stories to complete. A few albums’ worth of songs to finish and record. Yet I allow myself to be constantly distracted from my creative pursuits. Sure, a lack of an audience plays a big role in the stagnation because at my core I’ve always been a performer in need of a stage, physical and virtual, but artists are primarily compelled to create art regardless of circumstance. The rest of it is secondary to that. So, like the Decepticons after they’ve had their asses handed to them by the Autobots . . . I should retreat 🤓

I should also use this blog more.

The mantra.

The 5 Stages of Rewriting

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Now Reading: CONSIDER THIS, by Chuck Palahniuk

CONSIDER THIS, the new nonfiction book by #ChuckPalahniuk is tonight’s read. #NightstandRuckus #BookwormRuckus #WritersOnWriting #TheWritingLife

Blog Status

2.17.20 – Day 3 of 4-Day Wknd

Yesterday was The Great Thaw (one of many to come). Today it will be a balmy 46° or so. And I think the third day in a row that we’re seeing the sun 🌞. No going in to work today or tomorrow. Gotta take my car in for its second servicing and a software update. Our dog Roxy thinks she can climb trees to get at the taunting squirrels. Silly dog. So ferocious. Good times. Hope you’re all doing well and getting after it. Be good.

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Watching The Irishman

Fell asleep early (just after 10) woke up early as hell (a little before 4) and couldn’t get back to sleep and eventually fired up Netflix to finally put on Scorsese’s The Irishman. One hour in and it is excellent filmmaking. The casting, acting, scripting, direction, cinematography, costuming, production . . . the whole nine. Easily The Godfather and Goodfellas of these modern times. #RuckFlix #MovieRuckus #CrimeFilmFetish

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Bookworm Ruckus – 2.2.20

Understatment: my bibliophillia has gotten out of hand. Today I hit up the library for eight nonfiction books and Barnes and Noble for four novels. Smh. I foresee future posts showcasing and/or quoting these tomes of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment. #BookwormRuckus #Bibliophile #LiteraryLife


2.2.20 – Sunny B On the Road

When it’s warm enough in February to rock the sunroof 👍🏾 Coming out of 6 straight days of hidden sun, which is a tough stretch for those of us who suffer from SAD. This is a nice reprieve before next week’s stretch of gray daze 🌞 #SunnyB #TheSunshineKid #ChildOfTheSun #SunshineBear #SolBrotherNumberOne #WeatherRuckus