Gallery: INFERNO (X-Men, The New Mutants and X-Factor)

The Classic 1988 ad for Marvel’s X-book crossover storyline Inferno – Artwork by Marc Silvestri
Circa 1988. Easily one of my favorite comic book storylines of all time. It starred the X-Men (and their extended family). The story was Masterminded by writer Chris Claremont, with help from New Mutants & X-Factor writer Louise Simonson, and their editor Ann Nocenti, with issues drawn by legendary superstars Marc Silvestri and Walter Simonson. (more to come)

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Interview: Chris Claremont, the Legendary – Part 2 (of 2)

Part two of that great interview with legendary scribe of Marvel Comics’ The Uncanny X-Men fame, Chris Claremont is up over at NYC Graphic.

Posted last week, Part One covered from his first job as an intern at Marvel on down to his early days a the revolutionary chronicler of the adventures of the X-Men. The second part picks up in 1982 when he and (also legendary) cartoonist Frank Miller (also a screenwriter and director now) teamed up on the first ever Wolverine mini-series. The great thing about interviews with Claremont is they’re always frank, honest and revelatory.

Excerpt: My approach to the X-Men had always been that you could start the book with issue #100, and if you then later picked it up with #200, you’d see some changes. If you come back with #300, you’ll see a lot of changes from #100. Cyclops will be married, and he and his wife will have a kid; as a function of that, he’s going to go back to Alaska with his parents and start a life. He’s going to grow up. They are all going to grow up. New Mutants would evolve to a point where one or two of them might become X-Men, or not. It’s the same way with Kitty: it would be a slow evolution of age, but it would happen.”

Claremont’s direction as writer was more akin to the Gasoline Alley template, where characters aged and moved on through the evolution of the strip.
Check it out.