You Never Had a Daughter | Thoughts Wytches #2

Wytches #2 (Image)Scott Snyder should not be writing horror stories for comics, tasking an artist to translate them into compelling images. He should instead be writing short prose stories like he did before coming to comics. Despite Jock’s art and the Matt Hollingsworth’s astounding color work, this is the last issue of Wytches I purchase. – Rating: 2.0

“Pledged Is Pledged” | Thoughts on Wytches #1

Wytches #1 (Image) — I started out as a horror buff pretty early in life thanks to my horror and sci-fi-loving mom. I was weened on 80s horror and later got into suspense and psychological horror in the early 90s before the mid-to-late 90s sullied and soured both genres for a while. Thankfully, there was a nice resurgence in the early-to-mid 2000s that helped redeem the genres. I’m largely talking about film, but also books and some television. As for comics … I believe horror is a tough genre to pull off well in the medium.

In late 2011 I  thought Scott Snyder’s (then the “new kid” superstar writer of DC’s main Batman series) throwback horror series Severed made a decent attempt. And so does Wytches here three years later. Since I’m well-watched and well-read in the genre and have even written in it myself with my own fiction, it’s easy for me to be jaded and hard-to-impress. Is Wytches well-written? I suppose so as I couldn’t honestly say it’s badly written. I’d argue that it’s better drawn by Jock (aka Mark Simpson). I can’t really put a finger on it to truly criticize it other than I felt it was average comic book fare. Jock’s art and storytelling ultimately earns this book its slightly above-average rating.

However, I’ll close with a compliment: Wytches is better than Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta’s Outcast already, writing wise, while perhaps right on-par story and art-wise with the other horror (and now smash hit) series. That’s certainly counts for something. — Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

This debut issue premiered with some rather interesting variant covers: