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So much easier said than done. Probably especially easier for those new to the craft. Those of us who have been at a while (and those of us who’ve also served as editors and dedicated work-shoppers) tend to have a more . . . I’ll just speak for myself as I have a more neurotic/OCD approach to writing fiction (nonfiction is not so bad). But I’m trying to curb that and I have at least taken the mental steps to writing free and clear of my usual obsessive-compulsive method of scrutinizing every word, comma and sentence as I write. I just have to put it in practice more. Not that I know first hand but I imagine it’s not much unlike a 12-step program. Heh.

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Reblog | A Writer’s Path: Do You Write Chronologically?

A Writer's Path


by Andrea Lundgren


Recently, I’ve been dealing with…well, we won’t call it writer’s block. I wasn’t out of things to write, merely stumped on how to get from Point A to Point B without creating major plot holes. And it was very tempting to just skip the problematic bit and go ahead to the next chapter or section, where I knew how things would unfold.

I’ve heard that some writers actually do this. They jump ahead to the scenes they feel ready to write and come back to deal with the others. Because it’s all on an outline, and they know where they’re going, they can write the “Death Star exploding” before figuring out how to get Princess Leia off the space station in the first place.

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