Notebook 6 | Write-or-Flight, the Phone Awaits Also

#ruckology #writeorflight

Image: screenshot from my phone.

So in yesterday’s Notebook the theme was about a writer (moi) finding himself in the compromised position of having to write on-the-go, out of office and out of his comfort zone using pen and paper rather than his trusty PC. Y’know, something normal people do all the time without quibble. Well, today’s entry is the sequel. Because …

If you (I) have to, you (I) can also be productive writing … on your (my) phone???

Say whuuuut? IKR?

Trust me, it’s not something I’ve ever wanted to have to do, but today I found myself doing just that out of desperation. While initially writing with the old school method of pen to paper today, I happened to remember a couple of things as I scribbled up a page with my chicken scratch:

  • I have Microsoft Office on my phone, featuring first and foremost MS Word.
  • My phone is also connected to my Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.
  • So whatever I write on the phone can be retrieved on the PC later. Win!

So, given that in the last four and a half years I’ve been a bit of a slacker, if only in terms of writing fiction (Nonfiction? No problem), you’d have to give me a virtual pat on the back for enduring such torturous methods as writing with pen and paper, or — ugh! — writing with a smartphone’s dreaded soft keyboard. Believe me, although I use it constantly all day/everyday, I hate the trepidatious writing experience that soft keyboards (and tiny text) offers. But, like I said yesterday, ya do what ya gotta do to git ‘r dun.

Because the Page awaits. Always.

No more excuses.

Yay, me.


Notebook 5 | Write-or-Flight, the Page Awaits

#ruckology #writeorflight

When you have to be productive but you’re on-the-go a lot, not at home in your study, not in your comfort zone, yet if you don’t get those ideas out and down on paper you will lose them, possibly forever.

I am usually loathe to do significant writing by pen and paper, but what’s a fella to do while on-the-go or at the day job during a slow week with story passages, plot points and lines of dialogue swirling around his noggin?

Gotta put pen to paper and git ‘r dun. By any means.

Because the Page awaits.

I should probably hashtag that one too.

Write-or-Flight: A Response

bird of prey sil 2It’s Friday so why not a flashback here on Ruckerpedia? Only this is a flashback to something I wrote back in July but didn’t actually post. The theme still applies, so I leave that part intact, but I’ve updated it with current events. Naturally, this would be filed under self-pep talk.

Funny thing about being a writer: if you don’t exercise your writer-ly muscles regularly, they tend to weaken. Although I write daily (such as in social media, which shouldn’t, and doesn’t, count), I don’t write creatively daily, as I know I should, so I am in constant fear of what I like to call writer’s atrophy. I’ve experienced this in the past during different writing hiatuses – syntax gets bad, diction gets compromised, and the overall ability to get the flow of creative prose to be at a minimum degree of just barely articulate becomes…challenging.

Yet, I have this personal website as well as a companion blog. >>> EDIT on 10/21/15: as well as my journal of creative nonfiction here for some of my word-spew. <<< Recently, I’ve pretty much stepped away from all my journalistic interests and activities that have dominated my writing output the last three years. Quite simply and rather bluntly, I need to cut the bullshit. Spend way less time on the Interwebs being an info-junkie, spend much less time in social media and, in turn, spend more time writing from the wealth of fiction that I’ve created over the last twenty years, while also creating from the bottomless well of new ideas that is always burgeoning within.

So, yeah. Write? Or flight? The obvious translation is: shit or get off the pot.

Well, I intend to take a big ol’ dump this weekend. However, with any luck, it won’t stink. Too much.