The Morning Drive – 2.27.20

In the back half, third or quarter of my life I will finally escape the wretched grasp of Old Man Winter. Not sure how I’ll do it. I may have to accept just being a beach bum in San Diego. #WinterRuckus #RoadRuckus #PhotoRuckus


Daybook 9 | Sunless

According to the weather app on my phone yesterday, we are in for a long stretch of virtually sunless cloudy-covered days here. A stunning monochromatic overcast threatens to oppress all that exist below it. Such is Winter in the U.S. Midwest, which I suspect perhaps mimics that of the United Kingdom, the way you hear them tell it. Ugh! What a miserable backdrop for anyone’s existence.

This reminds me of what I wrote in the first ever Journal Juice entry called “Overcast” on December 9, 2014.