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The Volatile + The Profane | Thoughts on The Wicked + The Divine #5

The Wicked + The Divine #5 (Image) – This is the second comic I’ve read in recent months where I’ve witnessed the demise of a comic’s apparent lead character (the other being Southern Bastards). I may need a re-read of the earlier issues because I don’t quite buy the other main character’s reaction, as if in so short a time some super-strong deep bond was formed. Then again, that character is young and impressionable with 15-minutes of fame goals, so I suppose that’s the point: idolatry. Her new larger-than-life, god-like idol was just executed before her eyes. I will say that writer Kieron Gillen’sheartfelt editorial address in the backpages helped curb my overall criticism of this series a bit. At 38, he claims to not be that 28 year old who wrote Phonogram a decade ago, and that unlike Phonogram, which was about being a consumer of art, Wic+Div is about what you do to become a creator of art. So beneath all the violence and foul language, there’s a deeper message to be had, I supposed. Speaking of cuss words, I must add a side note about Gillen’s dialogue, of which I noted I had major problems with in the third issue: I’m starting to think he has a minimum quota for at least one variation of the word “fuck” per every two pages. Or maybe it’s a per-panel quota – say, an average of every 5-9 panels? Each utterance lessens the impact of the next one. Again, I suppose that’s probably the point as well. At any rate, I’m still intrigued. But I might move to trades on this one. – Rating: 3.5
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Comic Book Fetish Favorites – June 2014

Rough month considering Rat Queens, Velvet, Lazarus, Southern Bastards and Veil did not ship as solicited. Naturally my read list is still Image-dominated, but I did manage to read an anomaly of a Marvel title. Just as May was led by the much anticipated returns of Rat Queens and Saga, June was led, of course, by the triumphant return of Sex Criminals as well as a certain promising debut. However, there was one debut this month that was rather sleepy.

Read List for June 2014
  1. Sex Criminals #6 (Image) 5.0 – Excellent return.
  2. The Wicked and the Divine #1 (Image) 4.5 – Intriguing debut.
  3. Cyclops #2 (Marvel) 4.0 – Best X-book in a while.
  4. Saga #20 (Image) 4.0 – Is the luster fading?
  5. The Private Eye #7 (Panel Syndicate) 4.0 – Still wishing this was on paper. 
  6. Rise of the Magi #1 (Image) 3.5 – Promising.
  7. C.O.W.L. #2 (Image) 3.5 – Getting there.
  8. Red City #1 (Image)  2.5 – See my review here.
  9. Trees #2 (Image)  2.5 – Oddly, the first issue was better.
  10. One-Hit Wonder #3 (Image)  1.5 – Speculation buy, what can I say?

Dishonorable Mention: Outcast #1 (Image) 1.0 – I was disconnected during the entire read


Read List for May 2014 (last month’s Fetish Five in bold)

  1. Rat Queens #6 (Image) 5.0
  2. Velvet #5 (Image) 4.0
  3. Saga #19 (Image) 4.0
  4. Cyclops #1 (Marvel) 4.0
  5. Southern Bastards #2 (Image) 4.0
  6. Veil #3 (Dark Horse) 3.5
  7. Rocket Girl #5 (Image) 3.5
  8. Rise of the Magi #0 (Image) 3.0
  9. C.O.W.L. #1 (Image) 3.0
  10. Trees #1 (Image) 3.0