Hello, greetings, and salutations Internet! I go by Terrence Sage, and this article you have before you is my own twisted form of propaganda on getting the message out on creativity when it comes to the source of the latest Hollywood Movie Trend. Comics.

The logo you see is that of what I consider the third piece of the “Big 3 of Comic Book Companies,” Image Comics. Image was formed in 1992 with the goal of actually retaining character rights to whatever they wanted to create. Over the past few years, 2010 and beyond, Image Comics has had a new resurgence of business. Not only has Image consistently gotten the best creators to tell CREATOR OWNED stories, they writers are telling stories they want to tell. This ranges from the Brian Wood ongoing title aptly named “SAGA” starring a couple that’s fresh into parenthood with their daughter Hazel. The…

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LINKAGE: Sound on Sight | Terrence Sage Reviews Teen Titans #8

Teen TitansSo my young geeky pal Terrence Sage is coming of age right before my eyes.  He’s a senior in high school this year (he and I, along with a handful of other geeky dudes, met via Twitter a few years back during his sophomore year).  He’s a highly enthusiastic comics and geek pop culture-loving young man who’s now dipped his toe into the comics journalism pool that I’ve swam in for about as long as we’ve known each other.  He’s just published his first article, a review of DC Comic’s Teen Titans #8 and I gotta say young fella’s debut is pretty darn good. Naturally, as one of many “Friends of B”, I must give him a little plug here. Check it out over at Sound on Sight.

Direct Linkage: Teen Titans #8: The Kids Are Socially Alright

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