2.2.20 – Sunny B On the Road

When it’s warm enough in February to rock the sunroof 👍🏾 Coming out of 6 straight days of hidden sun, which is a tough stretch for those of us who suffer from SAD. This is a nice reprieve before next week’s stretch of gray daze 🌞 #SunnyB #TheSunshineKid #ChildOfTheSun #SunshineBear #SolBrotherNumberOne #WeatherRuckus

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1.26.20 – What Is This?

Holy mother of . . . what is this great ball of fire in the sky? Is that . . . is that Sol, otherwise commonly known as The Sun . . . the solitary great star of our ever-expanding stellar system? Oh, this is glorious! I’ve been home for four days and this is the first I’ve seen of it since. What a wonderful discovery! I am the sunshine kid, so please forgive my exuberant response to such a momentous occasion 😉