2.17.20 – Day 3 of 4-Day Wknd

Yesterday was The Great Thaw (one of many to come). Today it will be a balmy 46° or so. And I think the third day in a row that we’re seeing the sun 🌞. No going in to work today or tomorrow. Gotta take my car in for its second servicing and a software update. Our dog Roxy thinks she can climb trees to get at the taunting squirrels. Silly dog. So ferocious. Good times. Hope you’re all doing well and getting after it. Be good.


1.26.20 – What Is This?

Holy mother of . . . what is this great ball of fire in the sky? Is that . . . is that Sol, otherwise commonly known as The Sun . . . the solitary great star of our ever-expanding stellar system? Oh, this is glorious! I’ve been home for four days and this is the first I’ve seen of it since. What a wonderful discovery! I am the sunshine kid, so please forgive my exuberant response to such a momentous occasion 😉

1.23.20 – Daddy Daycare

At home with the strep thoat-stricken child today. I have administered Jello and antibiotics and offered advice regarding a boyfriend matter. Daddy daycare and advisory board, pro bono.

Aside from that I’ve not done much of anything productive today, yet I’m not really missing work. The Impeachment trial is on the tube in the background. Lunch has just arrived via The Lady of the Manor. But it’s just occured to me that I’ve not yet had any tea today. I will have to correct that at some point.