Daybook 2 | Update Untitled

I Got Nothing

Firstly, I have no Workbook update to share this past week (or the past week before that) because, honestly, there wasn’t any of that kind of work done the past couple of weeks.

ME3_Garrus_NormandyRe-calibrating Like Garrus *

Making some reconfigurations and changes here and abroad, and so things will be a little different here after that reconfiguration. Going to resurrect my old blog and reassign all my nonfiction writing over there and make Ruckerpedia the venue for my fiction writing and music. Or something like that. Gimme a week to tend to these . . . calibrations . . . and we’ll see what’s what.

* Bonus geek points to those who get the Garrus Vakarian reference.

Back In Briefs

With my novel writing prospects in flux for the immediate future, I see no reason to avert my writing attention from short fiction. The novel stuff will likely have to wait at least until the darker, colder months arrive which is when I go into hibernation mode like a grizzly bear in the American wilds. If then, because it’s quite evident that right now I’m just not novel-ready, despite my public displays of eagerness and determination. Who knows if I ever will be? Despite that, I am still a storyteller and will be exercising those muscles on some shorter works. I think I could use a dozen more bylines under my belt, so it’s time I start submitting short fiction work again since my only new fiction credit in the last 3.5 years happened back in March or whenever (see Four Deep” @ Dead Guns Press) . I’ve zeroed in on a few online venues that I will pay off, er, I mean persuade to read, accept and publish my work this year and next with my meager talents. So yeah, short prose fiction. Speaking of which . . .

Smash Hits

So on Sunday I ran a series of posts that focused on the digital versions of old previously published short works of mine that are live over on Smashwords. I included some ‘behind-the-scenes’ author commentary that you may want to read for a little insight on the work. Fair warning, it’s warts and all on those old pieces. Featured on my Smashwords profile page are these four:

The cursed object story Finder Kept

The bizarro horror story The Underneath

The Poe inspired horror story Pieces of Candice

And of course there’s also the bloody little ditty called Shard

I have four or five more previously-in-print works on deck to upload, so once they’re live I will link them here on Ruckerpedia.

I think that’s all I have this time. Be well, be merry and be better than you were the day before today.

– B.


Weekend Report: I Underachieved (as usual)

Weekend Progress Report:

– Recorded video tutorials of the songs “The New Regime” and “Revenge” for Joshua so he can learn them.

– Managed to convert that Motosota DVD into MPEG format. Next task is editing the files into separate song chapters for uploading.

– Unfortunately, I’ve learned that searching for copyright free images for your own personal manipulation is an exhaustive process. I’ve got three covers to design. Well, two now, as I managed to find one last night (not sure I’m totally happy with it yet). The clock is ticking as I planned to make my Smashwords debut on Friday.

– Accepted another story for my Local Heroes anthology. That’s slowed to a mere trickle these days.

– The bad news: I didn’t write a lick of fiction this weekend.

– The good news: Two new story ideas have arrived in my noggin’. One of them is surely to be micro or flash fiction. The other one I’m unsure about. Also, I have another article on writing underway for Flash Fiction Chronicles. You can read my first one here.

– I discovered that I really do miss the characters in my novel. I can’t wait to get back to them and their world this summer.

– I played a lot of Halo: Reach multiplayer with some friends this past week. Making up for lost time, time that was previously devoted to all the non-fiction stuff I’d been doing the last two months or so. Well, when I wasn’t playing Mass Effect 2 for a second playthrough.

PROMISE TO SELF: I’ll try to do better next weekend. During the week, however, I should probably be focused on prepping those four stories for Smashwords.