The Quotable Me

A creative mind never sleeps. Β A creative soul is forever restless. – BLR, 5/13/15

Art is about bringing together disparate souls that would otherwise not ever come in contact with one another. It is in that instance that we all become a little less alone. – BLR, 7/28/2015

. . . the arts are a great coping tool for the many things that ail us. Art can be good for daily stress, mental health, exorcising personal demons, enlightening oneself on life and helping us better understand the world and understanding our place within it. – BLR, 11/20/18

Sometimes love comes at a price too great for one’s emotional bank account. β€” BLR, 11/22/2018

The sleeting view outside my office window.



QUOTE: Rucker on Intellect

True intellect is rather detached and unfeeling. It is not encumbered by emotion, which would only undermine it.

— Brandon Rucker, July 17, 2013